COO of Beyond Meat Accused of Biting Man's NoseA strange news report out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, tells the tale of the COO of a vegan food company biting the nose of a man during an altercation.According to news outlets, Doug Ramsey, the COO of Beyond Meat, was arrested at the Razorback Stadium. The arrest occurred following Arkansas’ victory against Missouri State. Records indicate that there was a disturbance in the parking garage of the facility. Allegedly two men got into an altercation after their vehicles came in contact with one another in a parking garage. Police found both men bloodied. In a statement to police one man accused the other of biting and ripping flesh from his nose. The biter was allegedly Ramsey, COO of Beyond Meat, a vegan food company.  #crime #BeyondMeat #nose #bite   
Woman Gives Officers an Interesting Excuse For Why She was Using MethOn May 10, officers patrolling the Price Cutter in Shinnston discovered a woman passed out inside a vehicle. On her lap lay a white crystal substance with a burnt foil. They were able to wake the woman up and identified her as Jannette Hubbard, 31, of Shinnston.A search was immediately conducted in her car, where officers found “multiple drug paraphernalia devices,” a “large” amount of methamphetamine, a “sizable” amount of fentanyl and two sets of digital scales. To the officers, Jannette said that she was waiting for a friend and had used the meth to “stay awake”. She further admitted that she sold drugs from time to time to support her addiction.The woman is promptly booked and charged with intent to deliver a controlled substance.#addiction #crime #drugs
Canada Finally Outlawed Space MurderSpace travel just got a little safer today! Canada has finally extended their criminal jurisdiction to space.“A Canadian crew member who, during a space flight, commits an act or omission outside Canada that if committed in Canada would constitute an indictable offense is deemed to have committed that act or omission in Canada,” reads the measure included in Bill C-19, the 443-page document implementing the provisions of the 2022 federal budget.That means, every Canadian who commits a criminal act during their time in space will be apprehended upon returning to Earth, as reported by Calgary Herald.The news begs the question though: were Canadians, or space travelers of other nationalities, free to commit crime prior to this ruling?Image: Marcus Urbenz/Unsplash#crime #murder #space #Canada
Man Tried to Smuggle 52 Lizards and Snakes in His Jacket and PantsSan Diego, California — U.S. border agents at the San Ysidro border were probably not expecting this truck driver to have multiple reptiles hidden in his clothing. After being pulled out for additional inspection, the officers found forty-three horned lizards and snakes nine hidden in the man's "jacket, pants, pockets, and groin area." Some of the species he had were even considered endangered. The thirty-year-old U.S citizen was then arrested for smuggling these animals inside the country. I know I'm not alone when I wonder about this, but how did 52 reptiles fit inside his clothing? (Images: U.S. Customs and Border Protection via AP) #Weird #Crime #Reptiles #Smuggling
Mom Recognized Son in News Coverage of a Robbery, Dragged Him to Police Station to SurrenderOn February 15, 2022, at 2:07 PM, the Metra Electric Line train arrived at the Van Buren Station in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. Suddenly, a man with his face covered pointed a gun at the train conductor's stomach, and the former took $110 from the latter and went away.The robbery was reported on the evening news, and unfortunately for the man, someone recognized him in the news coverage despite the covering on his face. It was none other than his mom, and his mother drove him to the Calumet City police department. (Now that's a loving mom!) The man was 18-year-old Zion Brown.Brown told the police that the gun was a BB gun that he threw away after the robbery. He was put on trial, and the judge granted the state's no-bail request against Brown.(Image Credit: Metra via CWB Chicago)#Crime #Awkward #Calumet #Chicago
Man Breaks Into a House, Takes Bath, Eats Shrimp, Drinks Beer and Leaves $200 for DamagesPerhaps he should’ve just asked for a homestay?A man was caught breaking and entering a house in Santa Fe on Sunday. During the act, he broke a window to get in and ate the owner’s meal. While that in itself is nothing unusual, the man was also found to have left $200 before leaving. The resident made an emergency call when he discovered a stranger in his house carrying a rifle and a duffle bag. He reported that the intruder, identified as 34-year-old Teral Christesson, was eating shrimps and drank some beer when he found him. Christesson then promptly apologized to him, saying that he had needed a warm place to sleep. He then grabbed his weapon and bag and just left.Christesson was booked the day after when a woman reported a car robbery attempt by a man matching Christesson’s description. While refusing to speak about the car theft incident, he did admit feeling bad for breaking into the home which was why he left the $200 bill.#crime #shrimp #breakingandentering
Car Thief Suspects in Custody After Taking Selfies on Phone they Found in the VehicleIn a fascinating turn of events, thieves of a truck unintentionally revealed their identity to investigators. A Chevy Silverado pickup was reported stolen in Catoosa County, Georgia. However, the thieves were soon arrested.It is a funny story about how they exposed themselves and all the credit goes to a smartphone. The owner of the pickup truck left his smartphone inside the vehicle. The suspects believed that they had been successful in committing the deed and need not worry anymore. When they let loose, they thought it would be a great idea to take photos of themselves with the smartphone.What these suspects didn’t know was that the selfie photos they were taking were being backed up on Google Drive. It was only a matter of time before the owner of the smartphone shared the images of the suspects with the relevant authorities.While the suspects are now in custody because they were caught in another stolen vehicle, the stolen Chevy Silverado pickup is still missing. Image: Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office#selfie #carthief #crime
New Orleans Mom of 4 Creates Magnet That Reads 'Don't Carjack Me, Kids Inside'New Orleans resident Gabriela Barnetzer was distressed by the rise in recent carjacking incidents in her home state. Being a mother to four children amplified the panic that she felt when considering the potential risk of becoming a carjack victim.Imagine how difficult it must be to get the children out of the car seats when a gun is pointed towards you. The thought of being in that situation pushed Gabriela to do something.Instead of falling silent, she decided to speak up by making car magnets that read ‘Don’t Carjack Me, Kids Inside’.Initially, she made ten car magnets for herself, her friends, and her family. Soon more requests came in and she decided to sell the car magnets, with the profits going to children who come from socioeconomically challenged areas of the state.It is unfortunate that many people turn towards crime and choose to carjack. Let’s hope that the car magnet changes their mind. Image: WGNO#carjacking #sticker #NewOrleans #crime #carmagnet
Disorganized CrimeA band of thieves in Brazil targeted a big-screen TV, but apparently had no real plan for taking it, outside of brute force. It didn't work out all that well for them. Hey, at least they had the flashers on so they wouldn't get reported for illegal parking! If any security footage ever called for a soundtrack and sound effects, this one does.
The IRS Tells Criminals to Report the Income They Make From Illegal Activities on Their Tax ReturnsTax season is just around the corner, so here’s a tip from the Internal Revenue Service: Criminals can no longer enjoy their crime businesses in the US tax-free, they have to pay crime tax now.That might seem ironic given that criminals doing illegal activities aren’t keen on admitting their deeds, so people were wondering if the photo circulating online was fake.It turns out, however, the rule is real and it's included in the IRS's 2021 federal income tax guide. Illegal activities like dealing illegal drugs are given appropriate tax and must be reported as income from self-employment activity. Stealing, however, can result in no taxes if the stolen property is returned to its owner in the same year.Image via @litcapital/twitter​#crime #criminal #taxes #IRS
Arson Suspect in Hawaii Flees the Scene on a LawnmowerWell, at least he knows how to make do with what he had! If one wants to get away unscathed from a crime, one should take account of every possible scenario. I'm not saying that people should commit crimes, just in the… hypothetical situation that it occurs, make sure that a getaway car that won’t attract any attention at all is available. This arson suspect in Hawaii decided to be flashy or funny-- who knows-- but his choices (including committing arson) are bizarre. The man allegedly set a fire that triggered a small brush fire in North Kona. After that spectacle, the man stole a lawnmower and fled from the scene by riding it. The man was arrested for the theft of the lawnmower. According to the Hawaii County Police, “he was riding the mower at the time of his arrest.” Pick a better getaway car next time!#Arson #Crime #Funny #Lawnmower #EscapeAttempt #OddGetawayCars #Hawaii image / gif via Hawaii News Now