Man Breaks Into a House, Takes Bath, Eats Shrimp, Drinks Beer and Leaves $200 for Damages

Perhaps he should’ve just asked for a homestay? 

A man was caught breaking and entering a house in Santa Fe on Sunday. During the act, he broke a window to get in and ate the owner’s meal. While that in itself is nothing unusual, the man was also found to have left $200 before leaving. 

The resident made an emergency call when he discovered a stranger in his house carrying a rifle and a duffle bag. He reported that the intruder, identified as 34-year-old Teral Christesson, was eating shrimps and drank some beer when he found him. Christesson then promptly apologized to him, saying that he had needed a warm place to sleep. He then grabbed his weapon and bag and just left.

Christesson was booked the day after when a woman reported a car robbery attempt by a man matching Christesson’s description. While refusing to speak about the car theft incident, he did admit feeling bad for breaking into the home which was why he left the $200 bill.

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