Arson Suspect in Hawaii Flees the Scene on a Lawnmower

Well, at least he knows how to make do with what he had!  

If one wants to get away unscathed from a crime, one should take account of every possible scenario. I'm not saying that people should commit crimes, just in the… hypothetical situation that it occurs, make sure that a getaway car that won’t attract any attention at all is available. 

This arson suspect in Hawaii decided to be flashy or funny-- who knows-- but his choices (including committing arson) are bizarre. The man allegedly set a fire that triggered a small brush fire in North Kona. After that spectacle, the man stole a lawnmower and fled from the scene by riding it. 

The man was arrested for the theft of the lawnmower. According to the Hawaii County Police, “he was riding the mower at the time of his arrest.” Pick a better getaway car next time!

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image / gif via Hawaii News Now

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