You Aren't Getting Paid to Be HappyI mean, I know this. I get this. I’m here to do a job and get paid for it. I wouldn’t stay if I wasn’t getting paid.But surely it’s not necessary for Chris Hallbeck of Maximumble to hit the point this hard. He can at least let us keep our illusions about what we’re trying to accomplish on the job without bringing up the futility of life and our irrecoverable failures to achieve our dreams.Anyway, we’re not giving up on our dreams. We’ll keep plugging away at our music until our girlfriend leaves us for someone who has actually made it in the industry, right?
Veterinarians Busy Traveling the World in Converted AmbulanceLawrence Dodi and Rachel Nixon had no plans to buy an ambulance and set a world record. They were just an ordinary couple from the UK who only planned to travel the world using a camper van. But everything changed when they came across this ambulance sold on eBay. They were only looking for a vehicle that could be converted into a camper van, but, as Dodi tells the story, they "fell in love with the ambulance and the aesthetics." And so the couple, who are both veterinarians, bought it.Nixon then stumbled across an article about a group trying to set a record for the longest distance driven in a fire truck. This piqued her interest, and she wondered if they could do the same record, too, albeit in an ambulance. When she discovered no one dared to do that yet, she and her boyfriend contacted Guinness World Record to ask if they could try. The organization approved.After meeting a bunch of specifications required for setting the record (such as the vehicle retaining its capabilities to function as an ambulance and still resembling one from the outside), the couple finally set off on their journey on October 2021. The couple also brought their Springer spaniel dog, Peggy Sue, along with them.Since they departed from the UK, the couple has now traveled 24,000 kilometers (a little over 14,900 miles) across 24 countries. While they have already achieved Guinness's minimum set distance of 20,000 kilometers, they don't plan to stop yet. They plan on setting "the highest figure possible."(Image Credit: Lawrence Dodi)
Your Thanksgiving Feast Could Have Been Much WorseWhat are you thankful for this year? If you can't think of anything else, be grateful for the opportunity to gather with friends and family for a sumptuous meal together. Even if Thanksgiving dinner wasn't as wonderful as you had expected, be thankful that your cat didn't walk across your pumpkin pie, or both your pumpkin pies, as redditor Verlonica's cats did. Or that your turkey was a little overdone, as redditor SkullGamingTR's was.​
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, in a Jet-Powered Sleigh!Dashing through the snow, in a triple valveless pulsejet engine sleigh...Hey, have you ever wondered how Santa Claus travels all over the world in one night? Maybe it's his ridiculously powered engine throwing off heat as it zips across a field of snow. You could even say it glows! Crazy Rocketman Robert Maddox outfitted his souped-up go-kart with ski runners and twinkling Christmas lights, and himself with a Santa Claus suit (the beard is natural) to open up the Christmas season in style! He says it was about 12 degrees during this ride, so it's a good thing that engine is hot enough to warm his hands afterward. -via reddit​
Make Your Holiday Weird with Thanksgiving: The MovieWhat if everything we were taught about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving feast was wrong? The real story involves a time machine, robots, and dinosaurs. The Pilgrims, played by various action figures, wanted to travel to the furthest reaches of the known earth to get rid of their "infernal machine" once and for all. That backfires on them when they suddenly need it to get back to their own time period! As you can imagine, this plot could get very involved. Lucky for us, this is not just a trailer made as an art piece. The full-length film is available, too!
Sisters Create Birthday Crowns For Their Dad for 50 YearsKim and Gina Carey kick-started a cute and touching tradition for their father’s birthday. It started when their father was celebrating his 32nd birthday.The sisters at that time decided to make a special crown for their dad. They repeated it the next year, and now have made him a birthday crown every year for 50 years. In fact, the tradition still goes on today! The sisters create a different crown every year with a certain theme. Concepts have included Packers Super Bowl and an Olympic-themed headpiece. The sisters still meet to create the crown every year even though they have their own families. "We know it's silly, but our father and our grown children — who have never seen 'Pappy' eat his birthday dinner without a crown — would be disappointed if we stopped," shared Carey.Image credit: Ray Ronchetti