This Little Boy Is Extremely Knowledgeable about Tractors​Jackson is eight years old. He lives on a farm and I’m going to guess has been raised there his entire life because he knows a lot about farming equipment. Sometimes he’s performing repairs on the machines, but Jackson also keeps an eye open for newer models that offer options that he likes. So he headed down to the local show to see what the manufacturers were offering.
The Art of Chiropractic IllustratedHave you ever been to a chiropractor? I haven't, either. But the popular conception of a visit to a chiropractor involves them manipulating your body so that the muscles and joints pop back into the place they should be, giving you relief from whatever ails ya. Comedian Jeffery Curry demonstrates with a cllient that can't refuse.
What if Harry Potter Was From the Deep South? One of the charms of the Harry Potter series, at least for Americans, was how very British everything was. We Americans find it amazing that children can pull of those lovely accents when we can't do it to save ourselves. But the whole series would have been quite different if that owl had delivered an acceptance letter from Hogwarts to some guy named Harry from, say, Alabama instead. Putting a southern boy into that wizarding world would have caused great confusion, not only for him, but for all of us.Matt Mitchell steps into that role to show us just how different those worlds are. His potion is "shine of the moon." He can't wait for the opening of Patronus season. He's baffled by a lot of things, but figures butterbeer must be good because beer is good, and butter is good. I couldn't agree more.
Playing Football on Golf GreensGolf and football both seem really boring to me. I’ve never watched a full game of either, but I might if the sports were combined. Jay Cuda, a golfer, proposes that football fields be arranged in not a flat, uniform fashion, but with variable terrain and obstacles.This one would set up a “dogleg”, permitting a field goal if the ball was kicked over the trees. A dogleg, a golf magazine explains, is a feature of some courses that rewards risk-taking players who are skilled enough to land a shot precisely.We should probably also have sand traps and ponds, the latter of which are filled with alligators if the game is played in Florida.-via Super Punch​
Blob Jumping Comes Inside to Terrify Us All​Blobbing, or blob jumping, is a lake activity involving a large inflated bag (the blob) that acts like a seesaw. A person jumps on the bag on one end, inflating the other end enough to launch another person into the air and then into a lake or other body of water. You may have seen it in viral videos. But how can we do this when it's cold outside and you aren't near a lake? One enterprising amusement center found a way- use a ball pit!
You Missed Valentines Day?Your sweetheart is never going to believe that you missed all the online posts, the candy displays, and most of all the incessant advertising leading up to Valentines Day. I know, I know, it's possible that you put off any plans to the last minute, then just had a brain fart on the 14th. You done goofed up. Once the day is passed, how could you possibly make up for it?