How to Handle a Telekinetic ChildThere are no guarantees with children, there are only individual differences. Sometimes these differences can throw a parent into a tizzy, even if it's a special talent you don't understand. There is help available! Jon Spurney went to great lengths to produce a public service video in the style of the 1970s to offer help and hope to parents who are thrown a curve ball when they realize that the child they spawned has the supernatural power of telekinesis that no child can adequately control. Just know that you're not alone, and that eventually, they will grow up and wreck havoc somewhere outside your home. -via the Awesomer​
Giant Duck on HighwayDrivers in Frankenmuth, Michigan should beware of a recent giant rubber duck spotted crossing a busy highway. TikTok user @gesties_gvf sends this terrifying video of her own encounter with the monster.So far, the huge rubber duck only crossed the road. Why did the rubber duck cross the road? According to online experts, to provide that he wasn't a chicken.
50 Cats Caught in the Act of Vandalism(Image credit: rifle-mel)A child may feel shock, guilt, or fear after destroying you possessions, but a cat just doesn't care. Why should they? It's their world, and your things are there for them to sleep on, play with, or nibble. When houseplants are the possession in question, they will do all three. In fact, in this gallery of cats caught in the act, most of the victims appear to be houseplants, but food and toilet paper are a common target as well.
Learning How to Hotwire Your Busted Ignition from the Guy Who Stole the VehicleI'm not sure if "hotwire" is the right term here. But it's close enough.Anyway, TikTok user @OliveTheAlchemist owns a motorhome that was stolen. The thief busted the covering of the steering column and started the engine with a screwdriver.Police recovered the vehicle and arrested the thief. But the officers were unable to start the mostly functional motorhome. So they went back to the jail and brought back the actual thief. He patiently taught Olive's friend how to start the engine.
Batman's Mental Illness Gets a DiagnosisComic artist Kerry Callen always amuses us with his Super Antics stories of superheroes being just as human as the rest of us. It's been some time since he brought us a new Super Antics comic because he's found success with books and art commissions that keep him busy. But Geeks Are Sexy draws our attention to the one where Batman, the hero with no super powers but plenty of money and gadgets, is diagnosed with a hoarding disorder.
The Medieval Romance of the FartCartoonist Clarice Tudor is a skilled cartoonist who operates in a variety of styles. This recent contribution is a modern dating story described in the visual style of an illuminated manuscript from the High Middle Ages and with a faux English fit for a more chivalrous age when men were gentlemen and women were ladies of refinement. It is titled "The Fart: A True Tale."