When Your Five-year-old Asks About NazisKids will surprise you -constantly. They want to know all about the world, and they trust their folks to give them the lowdown. Matt Hershberger is a conscientious father. He wants to answer his daughter's questions, and be truthful yet age-appropriate. But one question the five-year-old had gave him pause. It had to do with monsters.
Four Sisters Get CaughtAs the father of two daughters, I’m about 50% that this video is completely real and not scripted. My wife, who is used to having far more girls in one household, is rating its veracity at 65%. It is definitely a great story.The eldest of the four sisters wants to compose a TikTok about makeup. She starts recording when high drama erupts in the household. A grand narrative flows as the four attempt to conceal a disaster from their mother.TikTok user @palmview956oficial is the story of a family of seven. The bangs story continues on.
When It's Late at Night and You Want to Discuss Quantum PhysicsIn February of 2007, Jim Carrey appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and they discussed physics. The one-upmanship may sound like gibberish to you and me, unless you are a physicist. You might try to parse out what they are saying, but then the conversation really goes off the rails when Max Weinberg joins in and makes a fool of himself. The real punch line, not available to viewers at the time, is that the paper they are discussing is real. Reading it doesn't make it any clearer, though. I did notice that Carrey titles it "phase shifting," when it is really "phase switching." It's a crucial difference, of course. -via reddit​
A Legal Matter Involving a Time Traveling Speeding TicketJustin Lee of Auckland, New Zealand, got ticketed for speeding in January of 2004. When he got a good look at the ticket, he realized there was an important typo. Well, not exactly a typo, because it was hand-written, but a mistake nevertheless. Lee pondered his defense argument and wrote a letter to the New Zealand Police Infringement Bureau about it. The letter was a masterpiece. To do it justice, Letters Live recruited New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi to read it to an audience at Royal Albert Hall. Waititi gave an extraordinary performance that brings an unlikely scenario to life. To learn the rest of the story, meaning how the police responded, see the actual ticket and the correspondence that followed at Letters of Note. A look at the evidence makes it clear what happened. -via Geeks Are Sexy​
Soccer Player Responds to Yellow Card with Uno Reverse CardMax Fosh isn’t a professional soccer player. He’s a highly successful YouTuber noted for his public pranks. So he’s a creative thinker who is used to pulling the unexpected on people.Appropriately, he plays soccer differently than most people. Sports Illustrated reports that two groups of British YouTubers played soccer against each other to benefit charities for children and cancer patients in the UK.During the game, Fosh tripped another player, which is quite frowned upon in soccer. The referee, Mark Clattenburg, held up a yellow card to issue Fosh a penalty. Fosh immediately flipped the outcome by pulling a Uno reverse card out of his pocket, thus turning that penalty onto the referee.
Knights of the Round Table in the 23rd CenturyThe original Star Trek debuted in 1966. Monty Python and the Holy Grail came out in 1975. And the mashup YouTube hit went viral in 2006. I had forgotten all about it, and it's just a funny as the first time I saw it. The song from Monty Python is well illustrated by select Star Trek clips, and reminds us of how goofy that show could be once they ran out of truly science fiction plots. The video was originally created by T. Jonesy and Killa, but they have no web presence, some say because of copyright issues, so we really don't know exactly who did this. But they did a very good job, back when there were fewer editing tools to find, collate, and synchronize disparate audio and video sources. -via reddit​