ChatGPT Tries Jokes, Fails Successfully​Bryan Han, a programmer who often posts comics at reddit, experimented in outsourcing humor. He asked ChatGPT for an extremely funny idea for a comic, and then he illustrated what the algorithm gave him.
Kickboxer Trains with a Toddler​Tank Tolman is a strongman, kickboxer, comedian, coach, and, as you can see in this video, a father. His online content includes extraordinary workouts, often with huge hammers, inspirational videos about positive masculinity, and comedic schtick about life as a modern Viking.In this video, Tolman is doing combat training—one of the major focuses of his life. He does kickboxing drills with a heavy bag and a training partner who helps him keep focused on multiple threats. The toddler thoroughly enjoys forcing her dad to dodge and weave out of the way of her flying front kicks.Alas, Tolman is not fast enough to keep up.
Well-Endowed Celtic Bronze Found Well, that’s certainly a good find. Does it also kind of look like a whistle?A 69-year-old has discovered a small bronze artifact in the village of Haconby in Lincolnshire county, England. The man was using a metal detector when he found the figurine 10 inches deep in the soil of a stubble field last September. When he dug it up, he initially thought it was just some split pin.Upon closer expectation, however, things were way more than a split pin. The bronze figurine actually showed a nude man with an enormous phallus on a hinge component for up and down movement. According to coins and artifacts consultant Nigel Mills, this small item is a figure modeled after Mercury, the Roman god of commerce and communication. “This male figure with its hinged oversized phallus would have had symbolic powers of good luck and warding off evil spirits and may have served as a locking mechanism as a buckle to hold a belt and scabbard for a sword,” Mills explained. Members of the Roman militia would wear phallus-shaped pendants for virility, masculinity, and good luck. The small artifact, now called the “Haconby Celtic Fertility Figure,” was part of a two-day sale, with an estimated value between  £800 and £1,200 (~$956–$1,434). Image credit: Noonans
Slicing Nike Dunks To See If They’re Worth The PriceFirst of all, this kind of hurts our pockets— even though we didn’t spend the money to get these pairs of shoes. Weston Kay, also known as the person behind the YouTube channel Rose Anvil, is known for assessing the quality and construction of different kinds of shoes. From boots to shoes to even other leather goods, people can come in and watch his videos to see if their money was well spent.Kay decided to test how good a pair of Nike Dunks is. The said pair is a popular sneaker that is originally priced at $110, which is already expensive. However, this footwear is more notable for the fact that it can be resold for three to four times its price. But how does he test the quality, you ask? Well, it’s just a simple process really– he slices them open. Watch his video on the shoes here!image screenshot via Rose Anvil/YouTube
Geography Is Changing AgainJade Jarvis, a reporter with WPBF 25 News in West Palm Beach, Florida shared this disturbing photograph. This geographic marker was in motion on Interstate 95 heading north through Florida.​Roadside America tells us about this marker for the southernmost point in the continental United States. It looks like a buoy, but is actually a concrete storm drain and was located in Key West, Florida. The geographic extreme used to be marked by a sign, but people kept stealing it. So it was replaced with this somewhat heavier object.What’s going on? Twitter user Dan Kois correctly understands that what we know about the world is changing:
The Art of Ventriloquism Involves a Steep Learning CurveSo, you've decided to take up a new skill. You read everything you can about it, and maybe watch some video tutorials. Then it's just a matter of practice, feedback, and more practice, right? If you can stick with it, you'll eventually master whatever it is you are trying to learn. Actor and magician Joe Brogie decided to add ventriloquism to his repertoire, which can come in handy when you have an act like his. He might have even bought a book. Brogie chronicled the process of learning to throw his voice convincingly on TikTok, week by week. You can see him starting to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Make sure the sound is on.