Love in Plane Sight is the Christmas Movie You Didn't Know You NeededChristmas romance movies, often called Hallmark Christmas movies no matter who makes them, are cheesy, implausible yet predictable, and fun to watch. Some folks watch them because they are a comfortable holiday tradition, like sipping on hot cocoa in your fuzzy socks. Others watch just to laugh. The "movie" Love in Plane Sight has one thing going for it- it's less than six minutes long. The other thing that makes it different is that it's an airline advertisement. Otherwise, it has the elements you expect in a Christmas romance: a beautiful, sophisticated, yet single woman traveling for the holidays, a "meet cute" with a hunk, and tension between the two before they inevitably fall in love, all in a set drenched in Christmas decorations and a bit of supernatural magic. No matter how you watch full-length Christmas romance movies, you'll have a laugh at one that condenses a two hour journey to romance into a commercial without losing any of the tropes we've gotten used to. -via Boing Boing​
Pastor Goes To Lion’s Cage To Show Divine ProtectionWell, that’s certainly an interesting way to show divine guidance. An African pastor went into a lion’s cage in a zoo to prove that nothing can happen to a man of God. In a viral video going around online, the man, who is referred to as “Pastor Daniel,” can be seen joining the enclosure of three young lions.The clip is believed to have been recorded by him to show his followers that he was under God’s protection and that nothing could happen to him – even if he playfully slaps and teases the young cubs. Instead of awe and undying loyalty, however, the Nigerian resident only inspired scorn online for his stunt. “And you wonder why most people don’t take Christianity serious,” one person commented on the video. “Cuz people like this would be making it look like a joke.”Image screenshot via Oddity Central
Questioned by the Lunar Immigration OfficerWarning: nonstop puns ahead. To become a citizen of a new country, you have to demonstrate that you know something about that country. In the modern age, security in some places requires such a demonstration just to get a visa or to enter the country for a visit. The comedy troupe Foil Arms and Hog have a series of skits about "getting past immigration" for a bunch of different countries, but this time, they're completely out of this world. To gain entry to a lunar colony, they must answer a series of questions about the moon. They know all the answers, although they aren't the answers you'll see on any school quiz. They won't be judged too harshly.
The Podcast Police Shut Down another Pointless PodcastOkay, I’ll just admit it: I used to have a podcast. A buddy and I made about a dozen episodes and about that same number of views. But I'm clean now. I just got my two-year token. I’ll free from podcasting and am contributing to society in productive ways.Honestly, the worst moment of it—when the podcast police smashed through my door—was also the best moment of podcasting. It was then that I hit rock bottom that I could start to crawl back up. Comedian Will Peters, who is also a member of the podcast police team, tells us about the noble work that they do.
Hanksgiving, The Tom Hanks-Themed Thanksgiving Party​Lily Lester is a comedian in New York City. She and her friends celebrate Thanksgiving differently than what you may be used to. Each year for the past three years, they’ve gathered to share Hanksgiving together. That’s means a Tom Hanks-themed Thanksgiving in which they all give thanks to actor Tom Hanks for his creative work.
Human Gentleman Breaks Up Robot FightThe two robots hadn’t yet come to blows, but neither could back down without losing face. So this human gentleman, who encountered the feuding bot at an elevator in a hotel in San Francisco, disengaged them so that they could both ride the elevator together.Throughout the encounter, which took place on November 8, the human is polite, friendly, engaging, and keeps a calm tone of voice. This will serve him well. When the robopocalypse takes place and our shiny metal overlords rule us all, this encounter may lead to the bots rescuing him from the human biomass processing facilities.