A Stormtrooper on Solo Patrol Encounters an AlienWhat the Star Wars universe needs is more stormtroopers with real personalities. We have Finn from the last trilogy, and Gary from Adult Swim, but there are thousands of stormtroopers, and all we know about them is that they are poor shots. Now we have TK-FING, a regular guy who's not all that smart, but has a heart of gold. In this video, thinks he is on patrol to watch for suspicious characters and evidence of rebellion. But instead, he's got a lost little girl. The problem is that she's an Aqualish, he doesn't know her language, and she looks like a butt. As you are no doubt repeating, "a face only a mother could love."This Star Wars short film is brought to you by AFK. Peter Haynes created Solo Patrol as part of his For The Empire series, in which TK-FNG is a recurring character. You can see all the episodes so far in this playlist. -via Geeks Are Sexy​
Dog Owners vs. Cat Owners at the Veterinary ClinicWe spend a lot of time on the internet laughing at the difference between cats and dogs. It goes deeper. There's a difference between the type of people who adopt dogs as pets and those who adopt cats as pets. Maybe it's because adopting a dog is a very deliberate act and there's an accepted procedure for taking care of them. People who adopt cats are often victims of their charms and the universal cat distribution system. ​Dr. Frank Bozelka is an emergency veterinarian at VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He has plenty of experience with both cat owners and dog owners, and illustrates those difference to us.
"Back in Black" on Guitar and Frying PanThe Haneline Twins are 75-year-old identical twins Dwayne and Wayne Haneline. They make music and sell merchandise to support a variety of causes from autism awareness to disabled veterans. They also have a lot of fun with each other, like playing AC/DC music with homemade percussion.
On the Phone With a Mother of Small ChildrenThe biggest divide that happens to your friend group, or family for that matter, is when some households become families with children and other households do not. Have you ever tried to call someone who is at home dealing with small children? I am becoming extra familiar with this routine, since my daughter who desperately wants to talk to me has a toddler who doesn't like mama paying attention to anything besides him. You might get the idea that the cure for that is another child, but then you are playing referee at all times to keep the pandemonium down. In this skit from It's a Southern Thing, a childless couple has a simple question for his sister who has more than one child, which means her life is complete chaos 24/7. They know what they're getting into. It's no wonder that daddy is upstairs hiding.
Get to Work DohNote that Ellis Rosen’s cartoon shows only one person. The boy grows up and stops playing with toys and having dreams. The color and creativity are gone, as are the variable shapes. Everything has to be a cube so that it can fit into limited space and time.You want to roll up your sleeves because it feels better? Too bad. Put on your tie, pretend to be happy with your job and satisfied with your allotted Work Doh. As the prophet said, “Everywhere I travel—tiny life. Singe-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter.” The wheel keeps turning.
Sneaky Snails Get Their Own DinnerHave you ever looked at a rolled metal tape measure and thought it resembled a snail? You can bet that Joseph Herscher did. He's the genius behind Joseph's Machines, the world's funniest chain reaction videos, and you can see a collection of them here. Herscher rounded up a bunch of sneaky snails and rigged them with their own Rube Goldberg contraption designed to fetch a head of lettuce for dinner. Or it might be a cabbage. You may have to watch more than once, as there are plenty of magnets and springs involved, not to mention googly eyes. We hope to see these sneaky snails again! -via Boing Boing​