Boss Builds Tiny Homes For Employees Instead Of OfficesNow, this is amazing! In the big sea of billionaires and bosses that care less about the state of their workers-- those who are responsible for raking in the big amount of money they happily spend, one decided to invest and take care of his employees.TikTok user Kylie (@itskylie94) posted a series of videos that made a lot of working people want to apply to her company. The reason? Well her workspace is a tiny home, not a boring, soulless cubicle! Her boss decided to build a series of these homes to make workers that are coming back to the office feel more fun and comfortable. These tiny homes were also built to give everyone their own space so they can get stuff done. According to Kylie, she works in a property management company. Somehow, the decision to build tiny homes in the office now makes sense. The interior now has a neighborhood and community feel due to the addition of the houses. Image screenshot via itskylie94/Tiktok#tinyhomes #offices #propertymanagement
Superman on Some Kind of MissionSuperman debuted in Action Comics #1 in 1938. That makes the superhero 85 years old, even though he doesn't look a day over 40. Sure, he has super powers beyond those of mortal men, but still, underneath that cape lies a man from Krypton who is not as young as he once was.​
Forget Roses! Here are 9 Unusual Valentine's Day BouquetsValentine's Day is around the corner, so you might be tempted to get your loved one a bouquet of roses to profess your undying albeit (yawn) boring love. This year, don't be boring. Be bold and unique instead, and give 'em a bouquet that they'll never ever ever forget. A bouquet that they'll tell their grandchildren about.See also: Valentine's Day T-Shirts | Valentine's Day Big & TallTake a look at some unique and unusual bouquets that you can give for Valentine's Day:
7 Funny Valentine's Day Tees and Big & Tall T-ShirtsFebruary 14 or Valentine's Day ❤️ is just around the corner - but did you know that much like the traditional festivities of twelve days of Christmas, there is Valentine week which starts on February 7 and culminates on the D-Day a week later.Each of those 7 days of the Valentine week corresponds with a specific type of gift:February 7th is rose dayFebruary 8th is propose dayFebruary 9th is chocolate dayFebruary 10th is teddy bear dayFebruary 11th is promise dayFebruary 12th is hug dayFebruary 13th is kiss dayAnd ... February 14 is Valentine's Day, of course. Most sources just leave the Valentine's Day gift option on the 14th open-ended, but you can kind of see a pattern. We'll leave that last gift to your imagination.To those on a budget and are looking for a more practical gift, may we suggest that you forget the list above? Instead, give the gift of wearable love ... after all, flowers last a couple of days at most but these Funny Valentine's Day T-shirts can be worn all year long and their wearer reminded of your loving gift and great sense of humor. Remember the old English saying, "a maid that laughs is half taken."From the NeatoShop:Valentine's Day T-Shirts | Valentine's Day Big & TallInclusive Sizing, with Big and Tall T-shirts up to 10XLLove comes in all sizes, so these Funny Valentine's Day T-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes: unisex and ladies slim fit (S to 2XL) as well as Big & Tall (3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL and 10XL).Let's jump in and take a look at 7 of the funniest tees perfect for your loved one on Valentine:
The Culture That Is Las VegasAre you in the hospital with an infection? This is your chance to go viral!(I stole that joke from Amanda Fortini, too.)While visiting someone in the hospital, Fortini stopped by the gift shop and saw—what shall we say?—unusual marketplace demand.I can understand the motivation. If you work as an influencer, it’s essential that you stay on the job at all times. There are no days off. And actually being hospitalized is the opportunity to present your followers with a new side of you.Still, there is no reason, no matter what the illness, to do the duckface lips.-via Marilyn Terrell
Barefoot Bowling Ball Soccer on LegosFile this one under "stupid sports." Houston Jones and Chris Colditz must really be into pain. A couple of years ago, they invented Bowling Ball Soccer, in which the normally lightweight and rubbery soccer ball is replaced with a bowling ball. You play it barefooted, of course. I guess the purpose was to see how much they could injure their feet. Then last year, they put the sport on ice. The latest version of the game was recently played outdoors on a paved surface that is covered in LEGO pieces! Anyone who has ever stepped on a LEGO brick while barefoot knows how much that can hurt. In this game, even the referee is barefoot.