A Story Told in Book TitlesTalk about creative book arrangement! Read the titles of all these book, as they tell a story in the titles themselves. You can get an idea of how difficult this project was by checking out the book Always Remember on the bottom shelf- it obviously had to be edited a little with electrical tape to get the title right. But it's not a real book collection. It's an art print by British digital-printmaker Professor Phil Shaw, called Shelf Isolation. The "electrical tape" is just a detail that makes it seem more realistic. Clever, huh? To the casual viewer, it's just a realistic collection of books on a shelf. Once you know the secret, it's a tale of caution from the early days of the pandemic. If you need to see it larger, you can go to Instagram. -via TYWKIWDBI​#books #booktitles #PhilShaw
"Swing Toilet" Removed by Humorless KilljoysNewswebsites of dubious veracity have lately posted that person in the arts district of Chongqing, China installed a swing over a traditional squat toilet. The swing was a wooden toilet seat (you can tell because of the hole in the middle) that swung from ropes suspended over the potty.It’s the sort of invention that brings delight to the mundanity of using the toilet. Answering the call of nature becomes a game because of the added challenge of aiming and timing one’s physical movements just right.Authorities, though, disapproved and arranged for the removal of the seat.-via Dave Barry#toilets #China
Working Without a TeleprompterBritish comedic actors Chris McCausland and Lee Mack were co-presenters at the BAFTA Awards. McCausland is blind, so they are riffing off the futility of him using a teleprompter, which is called an autocue in British English. McCausland is famous in British showbiz circles for never needing a prompt, as he always memorizes all his lines. The two don't normally work together, but the genius of this bit shows that they should. -via Digg#teleprompter #autocue #blind #BAFTA
A Cat and A Dog Share Their FearsJimmy Craig puts words into the mouths of animals at the webcomic They Can Talk. In this scenario, we learn about the deep chasm between cats and dogs in relation to their feats of introspection.
Survivor Goes Country in "Eye of the Haggard"Okay, explain the difference between country and pop music. Is it the twang? Just a bit of editing will make you believe you hear a twang in this song, and not just from the instruments. Master music mixer Bill McClintock mashed up "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor and "Goodbye Comes Hard for Me" by Merle Haggard. The occasion is the 40th anniversary of "Eye of the Tiger," a song that became a big hit due to its inclusion in the movie Rocky III, which opened in May of 1982. This mashup works way better than it has any right to, but it will also make you giggle.#BillMcClintock #mashup #MerleHaggard #Survivor #Rocky 
How Bees React to a BananaThe internet has a way of taking one interesting idea and running it into the ground. Sometimes it's really cool to see how someone reacts to a new thing, like a kid who just found out who Luke Skywalker's father is or Pakistani men who have never tasted cheesecake before. But the very volume of such videos has gotten out of hand. A new YouTube channel called Bees React launched just yesterday with an interesting premise- let's see how bees react to a novel experience. The first novel experience was a banana, and the experimenters cannot keep a straight face while narrating their reaction. But people had questions.