The Argument Over Fahrenheit and CelsiusWe've been arguing about two systems of measurement for an excruciatingly long time now. Phil Jamesson illustrates the salient points. The Celsius crowd thinks that a scale that is based on the states of water is correct. Fahrenheit fans prefer to run zero to 100 between points that people encounter in the real world. The truth of the matter is that both sides understand each other's measurements pretty well, and most countries use both systems depending on what they are measuring. Still, everyone wants to think their system is correct. -via reddit, where the argument continues.#temperature #Fahrenheit #Celsius #measurement #Imperial #metric 
Meteorologist Makes a DiscoveryABC7 (WLS) meteorologist Greg Dutra knew the studio had new equipment, but he did not try it out thoroughly before going on air Thursday morning. And then he accidentally touched the screen.
Your Body Knows What It NeedsThe liver is a wonderful organ, albeit not Woody Allen’s first and second favorite organs. It processes blood in the digestive tract, metabolizes nutrients, produces cholesterol and bile, and regulates the clotting of blood.Your liver is your friend and arguably your best friend.But your BFF can help you only if you listen to it. Your tongue is louder (it does have ready access to the vocal cords), but that does not make the tongue’s instructions prudent. Although some people confuse volume for intelligence, they are not interchangeable. As Heart and Brain comics illustrates, your quiet liver knows its work.#webcomics #TheAwkwardYeti #HeartAndBrain
50 Funny Examples of Quote Mark Abuse(Image credit: bea_easter12_)There are two kinds of people in this world. One is the kind of people who read quote marks as a sign of sarcasm, and the other is made up of people who use quote marks for emphasis. A lot. The result is a world full of signs designed or drawn by the second group that make the first group read the quoted words as facetious, and they have to laugh. The very words that the sign writer wanted to emphasize most are read as not being true at all. To the first group, the sign above reads as if they know they're never going to have an infection free hospital, so maybe we'll just pretend that's the goal. Then you laugh again when you see the entire graphic is one of hospital employees touching each other's hands, which is the fastest way possible to spread germs short of sneezing in someone's face. And that's just the beginning. The sheriff's department in Orange County, Florida, put the slogan Making a Difference on their patrol cars and not only put quote marks around it, but also rendered it in the Comic Sans font. How can anyone take that seriously?
Punish Your BodyIn “Cells at Overwork” (the title of which is clearly a reference to the manga and anime seriesCells at Work), webcomic artist Zach Cranor shows a severely mismanaged body failing to stay competitive in the modern marketplace.
Political Ads from a Postapocalyptic WorldThe comedy geniuses at Adult Swim offer up this collection of political candidate ads from a few years into our future after a massive nuclear war has left the world barren and nearly lifeless. Much has changed in the barren wastes above and below the surface of the earth, but a lot hasn’t. For example, mud-slinging politicians prefer to focus on ad hominem attacks and splinter issues instead of sincerely addressing the needs of their irradiated constituents.Now I normally wouldn’t make public endorsements, but this Brain fellow sounds like it has the right focus for our future. And he doesn’t lean hard on the blessing of Sacrum for his platform.#postapocalyptic #politicalads #AdultSwim