Solve Math With Southern SlangHey, math’s hard. Sometimes you need a little pick me up so you can get through one algebra or calculus homework. Well, maybe remembering this short skit by Alabama comedian Matt Mitchell can help you on your next assignment!Mitchell performed a skit about solving math problems with measurement slang, idioms, and colloquialisms that are popular in the American South. His performance included unique definitions of “a couple,” which can be any number between two and five, and “a few,” which can refer to any number between six and almost a dozen.Check out his entire funny bit here.
Orders from Dr. FeelgoodThis guy has a extensive regimen of medicines and strict orders from his doctor. You have to wonder what's wrong with him to cause such a full round of prescriptions. But it seems like they are just general "life enhancers" that could make you very suspicious.
Airplane Facts with Max Never Quite Gets to the Airplane Facts​TikTok and Instagram member Airplane Facts with Max has a great schtick, which he repeats over and over again.Max is an aircraft mechanic. He records his videos from inside the workshops that he uses to repair jetliners. He knows a lot about how these modern wonders don’t crash and kill us all.
US Presidents Play Jeopardy!A Metafilter forum member suggested that if Jeopardy! is looking for new gimmicks, they should have a version of Celebrity Jeopardy! with US presidents. Another suggested this video, because you can't come up with an idea that someone hasn't already produced. I don't know what I expected, but it's gloriously goofy. There's nothing political going on here, just the last three US presidents, Biden, Trump, and Obama matching wits on Celebrity Jeopardy! They are all three, shall we say, out of their element on the game show. Lousy performance in the game notwithstanding, they all give poor Alex Trebek more than his share of grief. The video is not animated, but gets the message across. The voices are recreated by artificial intelligence. But the jokes are all the work of YouTuber Artificial Unintelligence, who explores the many ways smart folks can be completely dumb. -via Metafilter​
The Tragic Death of Curious GeorgeGeorge the monkey was curious. That’s why they called him Curious George. In his children’s books, his curiosity gets him into very mild trouble, most of it just amusing to the humans around him.In this Joel Haver short film, George grew up. He was still curious. He asked questions about the way that our society functions. He asked questions that powerful people did not want asked, let alone answered.In the end, George got nothing but pain for his curiosity. He missed out on a normal life in order to helplessly struggle with forces beyond his control. What was the point when he could have had love instead?
Couple To Pay $250,000 To Remove Banksy Mural From Their HomeA couple living in Suffolk is now facing hundreds of dollars in clean-up costs after the secretive and elusive street artist Banksy decided to paint the side of their home with a 20-foot seagull. While the giant waterfowl, painted in 2021, was beautiful, the homeowners, Garry, and Gokean Coutts, have been disturbed and inconvenienced by it.Strangers have been flocking to their house since the mural was placed there. Some hooligans are trying to vandalize the artwork, while thieves are trying to chip off sections to sell on Facebook. The amount of disturbance caused the couple to pay for a security guard, and now they have to decide between paying $50,000 a year for the protection and preservation of the artwork or the full removal, which approximately cost a quarter of a million dollars.  “At first it was obviously incredible but as things have gone on it has become extremely stressful,” Mr. Coutts shared with the New York Times. “ I’m not sure Banksy realises the unintended consequences on homeowners. If we could turn back the clock, we would.”The couple shared that they would have to remove the mural. They hope to sell the work to offset the $250,000 removal costs. “We are just normal people,” Mr. Coutts told the Sun, “so we’d like to sell it and make something back on it.”Image via The Sun