Portland, Oregon Ranked Most Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly City in the United States Have you ever sat around fretting over which American city is the most Vegan and Vegetarian friendly? Worry no more. WalletHub thinks they have come up with the answer. After comparing 100 of the largest cities they have ranked Portland, Oregon as the number one Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly place to be.WalletHub used 17 factors to make their determinations. They looked at things like the cost of groceries, how many meatless options were available at local restaurants, and even the number of salad places. Joining Portland on the list of veggie friendly places are these 9 other top contenders: 2. Orlando, Florida3. Los Angeles, California4. Phoenix, Arizona5. Austin, Texas6. Seattle, Washington7. San Francisco, California 8. Tampa, Florida, 9. San Diego, Californiaand10. Lexington, Kentucky(Image Credit: Chard Hard by Papa Rossi)#Vegetarian #vegan #Portland #Oregon
Cyril Derreaumax Kayaks From California to HawaiiDo you think you have what it takes to kayak from Monterey, California to Hilo, Hawaii? That’s a 2,400 mile journey through the Pacific Ocean. News agencies are reporting that Cyril Derreaumax just became the second adventurer to complete the trip. Ed Gillet, back in 1987, was the first person to complete the trip. The kayaking adventure from California to Hawaii took Cryil just over 91 days to complete. During the arduous journey he faced mechanism malfunctions on his ship and intense storms. Thankfully the specially designed kayak, which features a small cabin, kept him safe and protected from the elements. In case anyone was wondering, this wasn’t Cryil’s first attempt to kayak from California to Hawaii. He had attempted the trip before. You know what they say. If at first you don’t succeed, kayak, kayak again.  (Image Credit: Stephen Lam/AP)#kayak
Name That Tune with Mandy PatinkinWhen you've seen a lot of movies and heard a lot of theme songs over the years, you get to the point where a tune is infinitely familiar, but you get bumfuzzled in exactly where to place it. Mandy Patinkin and his wife Kathryn Grody are quizzed by their son on some movie and TV themes while eating dinner. Look how excited he is when he gets one right!
The Power of PoetryRemember back in school when your teacher would criticize your writing for punctuation errors or bad grammatical structure? You could always go with the excuse that it was poetry, and poetry doesn't need structure or punctuation. Poetry is like painting a picture with words, with the purpose of eliciting a certain feeling in the reader. So what happens when a couple of crows encounter some human poetry?
A New Survey Ranks The Rudest Cities in AmericaGenerally, most residents of a city would love to know if their city is ranked first in something. Of course, most of those rankings aren’t for being the rudest cities in America. One thousand and five hundred residents of the 30 largest metropolitan areas in America were surveyed about the rudeness of the people in their cities. Findings show that the cities that are considered rudest are Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Memphis, Tennessee, and New York City. The most prominent unpleasant behaviors included being preoccupied with a phone, refusing to let motorists merge, and being loud in public areas. The majority (76%) of the respondents said that Americans had the tendency to be rude when traveling in different places, although it was unintentional. However, for me, this survey may not be very accurate. It’s helpful to remember that what is considered rude behavior for one may not be considered rude behavior by another. So, perhaps it’s better not to pre-judge the people from these cities.Image credit: Preply#USA #America #Rude #Survey #Metropolitan
Walt & Jesse's Magnificent Meth LabWhat if Breaking Bad had been launched by Cartoon Network? JabaToons imagined the content of the AMC show with the animation style of Cartoon Network's glory years. It is not for children, as if that isn't totally obvious. This is just the intro, but people are already asking for full episodes. Yeah, the animation idea has been done before, but not in this particular way. -via Boing Boing#BreakingBad #CartoonNetwork #cartoon