Artificial Intelligence Does Strong Bad​Janelle Shane is a scientist who works with artificial intelligence. She blogs at AI Weirdness, where the funniest AI stuff goes. Strong Bad is a fictional masked wrestler in Homestar Runner's comedy videos. DALL-E is an artificial intelligence computer program that generates images from text. You probably already knew all that, but it's crucial to explain what's going on here. Shane has been having some fun feeding classic memes into the DALL-E program to see what it will generate. So she tried Strong Bad.
How to Build a Giant Bicycle Bell for No Reason at AllCody Hovland was inspired when he noticed his backyard grill was exactly the same shape as a bicycle bell. So he made up a problem in order to solve it. His bicycle bell needed to be bigger! You know, for safety's sake. So he converted the grill into a bell. Fun, huh? Hovland gives us a step-by-step build video, but it's not what you expect, because who cares about the actual process? We just want to see more nonsense. If making our own stuff at home were this easy (and entertaining), we'd all be doing it. The video gets dramatic when Hovland realizes he no longer has a grill, but does have a pre-planned cookout. He managed to solve that problem, but an even bigger problem was getting the sound of the big bell right. The result is a huge bicycle bell that sounds like a firehouse alarm. He even won an award for it! A good time was had by all. -via Metafilter#CodyHovland #bicycle #bike #bicyclebell
If Tinder Happened in Real LifeReddit taught me that it’s painfully common for men to hold up a dead fish for their online dating profiles even though it’s regarded as on obvious mistake. Why do men do this? Because men often don’t have a lot of pictures of themselves on their phones and are apparently too lazy to take a good photo for the purpose of creating an effective profile.That’s one of many frequent mistakes that men make on their Tinder profiles—and that’s just with the photos. Viva La Dirt League runs through several others. Men, get out your pencils and take notes.#Tinder #OnlineDating #VivaLaDirtLeague
Take Your Medicine Like a Good BoyAmong Tyler Martin’s recurring stories in his webcomic, Puddlemunch Comics, are the adventures of Toby, a young boy, and his dysfunctional father. Dad always accomplishes what he sets out to do, whether it’s helping his boy when he’s accidentally wet himself in public, wants a puppy, or explaining probability mathematics in a practical manner.In this case, Toby must take his yucky medicine. As a child, he has little understanding of fragile mortality of the human experience and the need to savor as well as protect it. Blunt terms are necessary, so Dad encourages him to take death seriously.-via reddit#wwebcomic #PuddleMunchComics #TylerMartin #Parenting
Cakes That Make You FacepalmThanks to readers who send in pictures, Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks never runs out of hilarious cakes to show us. In her latest post, she highlights instructions that were misunderstood in ways that make you facepalm. You can almost imagine that some have to be examples of malicious compliance, because how can anyone get these instruction so very wrong? I've worked at a bakery where I was charged with adding writing to cakes, and it's a simple matter to go over a request one more time to make sure the cake will appear the way they want, or in the case of a form left for the next decorator, to call someone with any possible issues. In the case of the cake shown above "there were three choices of decorations on the order form: balloons, roses, or mums. Dee chose mums." There are several more examples of facepalm-inducing cake instructions that should have been confirmed before proceeding at Cake Wrecks.And if you liked that, you'll love a roundup of cakes illustrating New Discoveries in the Animal Kingdom, complete with descriptive names.#cake #CakeWrecks  
Instant Noodles Three Times a Day Lead to DivorceThree Maggis a day chase a husband away. This is what happened with one couple in Mysuru district in India. Among the rising divorce cases in India, this one drew attention for its petty reason.In the ‘Maggi case’, as the presiding judge called it, a husband is filing for a divorce from his wife because she would cook him Maggi instant noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The man claimed that his wife went to the provision store and brought only instant noodles. The couple eventually agreed to get divorced on mutual consent.Divorces over petty issues have become more commonplace these days. To deter this, Indian courts require married couples to stay together for at least one year before seeking divorce.Image: sq lim/Unsplash#divorce #instantnoodles