Forces Outside of Our Control ...Or Even AwarenessAre we really the master of our own destiny? Or are we the product of the will of others? Who is that force that guides out destiny? Is it government authorities, peer pressure, religion, or maybe the guilt trips that our parents have perfected? Could it be the chemicals our bodies create, affected by environmental factors? Or are we a slave to our family's genetic legacy?
A More Comprehensive Evolution of DanceYou recall The Evolution of Dance, the video by Judson Laipply that went mega-viral in 2003. It has more than 300 million views on YouTube! This isn't that. This version goes way back to the prehistoric beginning of dance, and includes dance to music genres that veer widely from the most familiar pop music.
The Mugger and the Social Media InfluencerYou may have noticed that many people live for the 'gram, or in other words, treat everyday life as a chance to gain internet points. Every experience is an opportunity for a post, and when nothing is happening, they are glued to their phones, watching everyone else's activities. You've also heard rants about this shift, too, with people longing for the good old days of real-life social interaction. Even the backlash can get tedious.
The Evolution of How We Pay For TV ShowsDo you recall the days when once you paid for the TV set and the antenna, you got to watch two or three channels for free? We just got used to going to the kitchen or the bathroom during the ad breaks. Another bonus from those days was that everyone watched the same shows, so we could discuss them the next day. Even the news was universal, since it came on at 6 and 11 on every channel, and therefore everyone knew what was going on. Now selecting what to watch involves how much you are willing to pay, and that can be a frightening decision when you don't know what shows are worth it. For about 70 years, the entertainment industry has been working on ways to extract more money from each viewer. Matt Mitchell goes through that process for us step by step, decade by decade. You might relate to every one of these eras.
How the Idea of Fast Food Came AboutIf fast food had to be invented in a hurry, Ryan George figures it would go something like this. In reality, the process took years, as soda fountains, diners, pizza parlors, and street carts took ideas from each other and developed faster ways of serving more customers. Those who needed their food fast were excited to have more choices, and people who never thought about getting food quickly learned to depend on it. The fast food that we have now is so strange and different from the old sit-down restaurant model that it was low-hanging fruit for a comedian like George. Sure it's a dumb idea, but it's well worth the scant two minutes for George's new definitions of words like artery and marzipan.
The Diversity of Wild Haggis SpeciesThe Haggis Wildlife Foundation shares some facts about the many species of wild haggis. These unique creatures in all their diversity need our help to preserve their habitat and boost their diminishing populations.