When a Cow Crashes Your Spaghetti DinnerSome people say their pets are like family. Some pets just wanna have some of that delicious food you are eating. These two guys were chowing down on pasta and salad when Bossy joined in. But did they stop eating and remove her? No, they just got into a tug if war over the food. You're never going to win a food fight with a cow, and this one's hungry! People love how randomly ridiculous this short video is, but there's more going on here than you realize the first time you watch. They've got a colander of spaghetti noodles there, but no marinara sauce that we can find, just a bottle of ketchup on the table, which explains the scant amount they put on their pasta. And did you catch the one guy pouring red wine into his milk? See, that's one of the secrets to making a funny video. You may spend days setting up for a ridiculous stunt, but you don't have to drag it out to ten minutes. If you have to explain everything in the joke, it's no longer funny. Just give us the 27 best seconds and our brains will fill in the rest. Make it fast enough, and we will be compelled to watch twice! -via Born in Space
If Cats Were FashionistasCats each have their own personality, but there are some similarities that become stereotypes among the various breeeds and even among colors. A cat has its own fur coat, which suits them just fine in the real world, but if they had the ability to express their personalities in dress, they would be more fashionable than you or I could ever hope to be. These cats model the looks you wish your cat had. Except for the sphinx cat. He's liable to concoct a technically chilling death for you.
Bookmark This Site for Future ReferenceCartoonist Maritsa Patrinos is realistic about what we’re doing with bookmarks. A site may look really cool and useful for later. Perhaps you see a video that’s a bit too long for immediate viewing or an essay for prompt reading. Maybe you see an item for possible purchase. Maybe you will get around to that information later.You won’t. I know it and you know it. That lovely internet gem is going to be buried in an internet limbo from which there is no escape, nor purpose to existence. Its fate is obscurity in a cyber oubliette.-via Brian Whelton
A Celebration of Crash BlossomsEnglish is a strange language. We have words that have multiple meanings, and which meaning is relevant often depends on context. However, sometimes the context gets mangled in editing, such as when an editor is trying to shorten headline. The results are sometimes quite humorous. The proper historical term for this is "syntactic ambiguity," but "crash blossom" is much easier to remember. The term was coined in 2009, when Mike O’Connell saw a headline that read, "Violinist Linked to JAL Crash Blossoms.” The article was about the flourishing musical career of Diana Yukawa, who lost her father in the infamous 1985 Japan Airlines plane crash. But on seeing the headline, O’Connell's first thought was, "What's a crash blossom?" The headline uses no articles or conjunctions, so it's easy to see "linked" as the verb instead of "blossoms." The origin story is perfect, because the resulting term is delightfully descriptive. The words crash together until some new and different idea blossoms from it. Language Log notes that these headlines were previous called "garden paths" because they led you down a path to a place different from where you should be.
Parody of Tradwives Baking Cereal from Scratch TikToksNara Smith, a professional model and mother, became internet famous in February for her TikTok videos of herself making organic dishes from scratch at the request of her toddlers. For those of us with experience being stay-at-home parents or married to them, they're absurdly impractical projects due to the staggering expense in time and money necessary to complete.
When Construction Comes to Your NeighborhoodIt's that season again! You've complained about potholes for years, and the crew is here to fix the road, but they only work when you are trying to take a nap. Or the neighbors are adding another room to their house, which is concerningly close to yours. Or there's a completely new house going up and they'll be there for months, only taking a break when you are on vacation. How do they know that you are on a zoom call with your boss? They must know, because that's the only time they fire up the jackhammer. All this mayhem must be planned out in advance to cause the maximum uproar to your schedule and sanity. Ryan George once again plays all the parts to show us how it's done.