Car Thief Suspects in Custody After Taking Selfies on Phone they Found in the Vehicle

In a fascinating turn of events, thieves of a truck unintentionally revealed their identity to investigators. A Chevy Silverado pickup was reported stolen in Catoosa County, Georgia. However, the thieves were soon arrested.

It is a funny story about how they exposed themselves and all the credit goes to a smartphone. The owner of the pickup truck left his smartphone inside the vehicle. The suspects believed that they had been successful in committing the deed and need not worry anymore. When they let loose, they thought it would be a great idea to take photos of themselves with the smartphone.

What these suspects didn’t know was that the selfie photos they were taking were being backed up on Google Drive. It was only a matter of time before the owner of the smartphone shared the images of the suspects with the relevant authorities. 

While the suspects are now in custody because they were caught in another stolen vehicle, the stolen Chevy Silverado pickup is still missing. 

Image: Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office

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