A Flight Tracking Map Shows A Pilot Expertly Giving The Middle Finger to Washington StateWhat would you do if you were a pilot? Will you challenge yourself by going across the globe like those pilots of old, or would you try to do some sick stunts and maneuvers? Or maybe you're not interested in doing those. Perhaps you just want to do funny stuff in the air, like this unnamed pilot in Washington.On August 29, 9:15 AM PDT, the Piper Navajo aircraft with a tail number of N59906 took off. Some 7 hours later, at 4:09 PM, the plane finally returns. The pilot spent over thirty minutes drawing a giant middle finger. But what about his remaining time? Well, it seems he didn't find much use for it. He just spent it creating zig-zags on northern Whatcom County and British Columbia airspace. Talk about drawing giant scribbles in the air.The story was posted on Reddit, and Reddit users praised the man's commitment and great attention to detail, with one pointing out that he even drew the thumb nail. The Bellingham Herald, who first picked up the story, notes that the middle finger pointed towards Whatcom County. As to why he did such a thing, nobody knows.(Image Credit: FlightAware)#Washington #Funny #Pilots #Aircraft #Airplanes
When Gannon Karmire Missed his Wedding Day, Because of Food Poisoning, Wife Replaced Him With Stick GannonWell, she did try to make the best of the situation. This North Carolina bride replaced her groom with a stick version of himself after he contracted severe food poisoning near the day of their wedding.The bride, Christine Karmire, turned up with a mannequin version of her groom, Gannon Karmire, who was recovering in the hospital. The staff at The Victorian in Youngsville made the suggestion instead of letting the couple cancel their nuptials altogether. Stick Gannon is basically ‘a rolling steamer with pool cues that was dressed in a suit, with Gannon's smiling face mounted at the top on an iPad,’ People magazine wrote. "We do believe that with the hand we were dealt, it could not have gone any better than it did," she said. "We still felt loved and celebrated by everyone and are so appreciative of their support."Image Credit: Bri Hines Photography#Weddings #Unexpected #GroomReplacement #Funny 
Arson Suspect in Hawaii Flees the Scene on a LawnmowerWell, at least he knows how to make do with what he had! If one wants to get away unscathed from a crime, one should take account of every possible scenario. I'm not saying that people should commit crimes, just in the… hypothetical situation that it occurs, make sure that a getaway car that won’t attract any attention at all is available. This arson suspect in Hawaii decided to be flashy or funny-- who knows-- but his choices (including committing arson) are bizarre. The man allegedly set a fire that triggered a small brush fire in North Kona. After that spectacle, the man stole a lawnmower and fled from the scene by riding it. The man was arrested for the theft of the lawnmower. According to the Hawaii County Police, “he was riding the mower at the time of his arrest.” Pick a better getaway car next time!#Arson #Crime #Funny #Lawnmower #EscapeAttempt #OddGetawayCars #Hawaii image / gif via Hawaii News Now