Punish Your BodyIn “Cells at Overwork” (the title of which is clearly a reference to the manga and anime seriesCells at Work), webcomic artist Zach Cranor shows a severely mismanaged body failing to stay competitive in the modern marketplace.
Portrait of the Artist as an Awkward Young ManNow, well into middle age, when I play Dungeons & Dragons with teenage boys, I avoid criticizing them for their cringeworthy characters because mine were much, much worse at that age.No man should be held accountable for his creative content when he was a teenager, and that includes Zach Cranor of Last Place Comics. Back in his confused, pre-internet youth, Slipknot was cool. Bloodvein understood and Zach’s girlfriend, Crimson Twilight, agreed wholeheartedly, largely because she was born with a Slipknot birthmark. Zach played their music, she felt compelled to kiss him with her whole mouth. All real girlfriends act this way.#webcomic #ZachCranor #LastPlaceComics
Neoplatonic Hair Is a Bad IdeaIn his theory of forms, Plato explained that physical things cannot be perfect but can express only the imperfect essense of their ideal states which are absent from the physical world.You don’t actually want perfection because you are not perfect and therefore cannot experience full completeness in its presence. As Zach Cranor of Last Place Comics teaches us, to have perfect hair is to have no hair because perfect hair transcends the material plane.This is not to say that it is best to be bald. Contrary to Plato, be humble. Accept your place in the chain of forms and get your rats.#webcomics #ZachCranor #LastPlaceComics
Date Night PlansMy parents’ generation called it going down to the river to “watch the submarine races.” Just calling a place Makeout Point was a little too on the mark for more reserved, discreet times.Perhaps, though, before proceeding to more physical intimacy, it’s best to have a serious conversation about where the relationship is going, as the woman in Zach Cranor's Last Place Comics proposes.It’s a mood killer, but it sets the stage for more amorous adventures on the ride back into town. Or a lot of awkward silence, followed by crying in the shower alone that night.Am I oversharing again? Sorry.#webcomic #LastPlaceComics #ZachCranor #romance
Organize Your Mind PalaceOne of the great things about reading the works of webcomic artist Zach Cranor is that the reader has no idea where the story is leading when s/he begins. “Don’t Go into Light”, a masterpiece of the wecomic genre, is the optimal example.