Who Is Your Favorite Child?For last Fathers’ Day, one of my daughters bought me a t-shirt that says, “My Favorite Daughter Gave Me This Shirt.” I like to wear it on outings with the other daughter. When people ask if she gave me the shirt, I sternly answer, “No, the other one did.”I don’t have a favorite child. I love them both equally. But, unlike the father in this comic by Mr. Lovenstein, my daughters are tied for the #1 slot. But they’re not competing against the Children of the Corn. Also, my kids, unlike my dog, doesn’t poop on the carpet.#webcomic #MrLovenstein #parenting #JLWestover
Where Do Babies Come From?How should we respond when our children ask us where babies come from? It’s an awkward question and it’s often popped upon us parents when we aren’t prepared (children are not known for their convenient timing). We can choose to respond by providing an answer that is truthful, age-appropriate, and encourages a healthy view of reproduction, or we can give them a psychological complex which will allow therapists in the future to earn their mortgage payments.The mom in J.L. Westover’s Mr. Lovenstein chose an answer that fully embraces the uncertain truth: we just don’t know and wish that we could make it stop.#webcomic #MrLovenstein #JLWestover
Lethal Social AnxietyIt’s an emergency, so it’s time for extreme measures. But the definition of extreme measures has changed since the invention of text messaging. Now it’s not always necessary to actually speak to another human being. Doing so in person, face to face, is, of course, an inconceivably difficult challenge. We can forget about that. But speaking so another person on the phone seems just hypothetically possible enough that one might consider it to save a life.It's one of those Trolley Problem issues. Is saving the life of that person really worth the horrible cost of talking to another person? There’s too much to contemplate in too short a period of time.#webcomic #MrLovenstein #socialanxiety #JLWestover