Teacher Strings Students Along Mercilessly​Mr. Finn, the choir director at Indianola High School in Indianola, Iowa, made the announcement of the spring 2023 musical theater production in front of his students. It took him three days!
78-Year-Old Man Finally Got His High School Diploma 60 Years LaterIn 1962, a few days before he was set to graduate, high school senior Ted Sams got suspended and missed a crucial final exam. So that summer he took a make up class in order to graduate. But then the school wouldn’t give him his diploma because he owed them $4.80 for a book. So, Sams just walked away without officially graduating.Now, 60 years later, Sams finally donned the blue cap and gown and received his diploma with the class of 2022 at Southern California’s San Gabriel High School, as reported by the Associated Press. Apparently, the school still kept his original diploma in a filing cabinet. And so, after six decades, Ted Sams from the class of 1962 finally graduated. Image: Sarah Reingewirtz/The Orange County Register#highschool #graduation
Florida Twins Receive Valedictorian and Salutatorian Honors at Their High SchoolFor these Florida twins, sibling rivalry helps put them to the top.Drew and Bailey Blanton have always maintained straight-As since third grade. And at the Plant City High School, where they are both seniors, the twins have earned the top honors - ranking number one and two respectively.“... We got straight A’s not only because we wanted to learn and we loved school, just also because the other one also got straight A’s and we didn’t want to be the first one to get a B,” Drew told ABC Action News.Their friendly rivalry did not stop there. Besides school ranking, Drew was appointed Valedictorian of their graduating class of 2022 while Bailey is Salutatorian. They also occupy Presidential and Vice Presidential seats at various councils at the school. The future is certainly looking bright for these twin stars!Image: Blanton Family#twin #highschool #valedictorian #salutatorian
101-Year-Old Man Finally Got His High School DiplomaAfter decades, Merrill Pittman Cooper finally got his high school diploma from Storer College, a former high school in West Virginia. The 101-year-old had to move to Philadelphia with his mother because of financial reasons. He did not get a chance to obtain his diploma, which is something he regretted for a very long time.Merrill Pitman Cooper’s relatives went to great lengths to reach out to the school district.  They campaigned the  Jefferson County Schools to see if they could help Cooper receive his diploma. Thanks to their efforts the man finally got the graduation ceremony he dreamed of– and an honorary diploma with his family around him as well! Image credit: Jefferson County Schools#graduation #highschool #101yearsold #JeffersonCountySchools