Teacher Strings Students Along Mercilessly

Mr. Finn, the choir director at Indianola High School in Indianola, Iowa, made the announcement of the spring 2023 musical theater production in front of his students. It took him three days! 


Day 1 of announcing what musicals we are NOT doing for the 2023 Musical! #musicteacher #musicaldirector #musical #choirteacher

♬ original sound - Mr. Finn

He started out on Wednesday with a whole bunch of possibilities posted on the board. He removed a couple on Wednesday, and on Thursday, until by Friday, there were only three possible productions left. The students were pretty anxious by then. In the internet age, they aren't used to waiting.

What? It was none of the possibilities he had posted! Are they ever going to get an answer?

Well, he didn't want to make it easy, but he wanted to make it fun. The suspense is killing me.

Whew, they finally found out, and the kids are ecstatic. Now we must look forward to spring 2023 to see the production on TikTok.


Update: What a wild couple of days it’s been! Thank you all for the crazy support and love! #musicteacher #musicaltheatre #thankyou #choirdirector #theaddamsfamily

♬ original sound - Mr. Finn

A good time was had by all. -via Digg 

#musicaltheater #highschool #teacher 

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