Scratching Up the FurnitureWhy do cats scratch up your furniture? Experts will tell you it's to keep their claws in good shape, either sharpening them or trimming them, I'm not sure. Frankly, I think it's just because they enjoy doing it. But if you ask a cat, you'll probably get a different answer.
Thug Cat Demands Another WhiskyWe're lovin' this chalkboard art by indie artist Alan Pirie, featuring the a cat knocking a whisky shot glass off a table and demanding another. Pirie drew it for Macbeth Whisky & Aquavit in Trondheim, Norway.Doesn't that remind you of the Cat Thug Life viral clip from way back when?
A Cat and A Dog Share Their FearsJimmy Craig puts words into the mouths of animals at the webcomic They Can Talk. In this scenario, we learn about the deep chasm between cats and dogs in relation to their feats of introspection.
Law & Order: Catnip Victims UnitTikToker Dansilvapinto made a mashup of the Law & Order: SVU intro in order to make it star his cat, Pipoca Roe Silva-Pinto. The result is Law & Order: Catnip Victims Unit. We only get to see Pipoca briefly, but the rest of the intro is full of delightful details that you'll have to watch more than once to catch.
The Cat Didn't Run Away ... He Escaped!We would run away, too! In this cat meme that has been circulating 'round the web for quite some time, the text says "Jack is our chubby, beloved cat. He dashed the door late Tuesday night just prior to bedtime. He wasn't wearing any clothes at the time."#cat #catwearingclothes