Mill Ends Park, the World's Smallest Park, is Being Moved Six Inches From Its Original Location

The Mill Ends Park, located in Portland, is the smallest in the world. Opened in 1946, the 452-square inch park had been the scene of annual celebrations for a long time. However, the park was closed in 2006 to make way for the Better Naito Forever project, which added sidewalks and bikeways to Naito Parkway, where the small park was located. 

The park was made by Oregon newspaperman Dick Fagan, who decided to build a small park to cover the big hole in the middle of the road that he saw from his office window. Since then, people have treated the little scenery as a park until its official proclamation as a city park in 1976. Now, after being shut down again since its closing in 2006, officials are happy to announce Mills End Park’s comeback and its big move. The park will move six inches to the west of its original location! 

Image above: Mill Ends Park in 2007 by atul666/Wikimedia commons

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Mill Ends Park in 2004 by Duk/Wikipedia

Mill Ends Park in 2011 by EncMstr/Wikipedia

Mill Ends Park during Occupy Portland protest in December 2011 by Another Believer/Wikipedia

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