Forget Roses! Here are 9 Unusual Valentine's Day Bouquets

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so you might be tempted to get your loved one a bouquet of roses to profess your undying albeit (yawn) boring love. This year, don't be boring. Be bold and unique instead, and give 'em a bouquet that they'll never ever ever forget. A bouquet that they'll tell their grandchildren about.

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Take a look at some unique and unusual bouquets that you can give for Valentine's Day:


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1. Potato Bouquet

Quick: what's one word that comes to mind when you hear the word "Idaho"? If you're like most of us, you'd think of the Famous Idaho Potato. So it's only fitting that florist Shania of Historia Florals created a bouquet of potatoes!

After posting her creation on TikTok as a "joke," the potato bouquet went viral, so Shania's thinking of adding the tagline "home to the world famous potato bouquet" on her flower shop.

Surely your loved one will get that you only have "eyes" for her. And unlike flowers that wilt, the potatoes in the bouquet will surely make their way to a hearty meal to share!

2. Chicken Nugget Bouquet

Every parent of little kids knows that, when in doubt, get chicken nuggets for lunch. Turns out, this also works for grown ups who are in love with each other.

Behold, the chicken nugget bouquet, which was the highlight of the wedding of Blair Hardy and Adam Tyson of Toledo, Ohio, as reported by USA Today. It's such a great idea that we thought chicky nuggies would work better than roses as a Valentine Day's gift. After all, love works best on a full stomach. Just don't forget the dipping sauce, mmkay?

Image: @TysonBrand/Facebook

3. Stitch Plushy Bouquet

Nothing says love more than an illegal genetic experiment designed to be fireproof, bulletproof, think faster than supercomputer, can see in the dark, lift objects three thousand times his size, and with the only instinct of destroying everything he touches.

We are talking, of course, about Stitch from Disney's animated movie Lilo & Stitch.

Now, you can get your loved one a bouquet made from plushies of the adorable little monster from CreatedOn. Just be sure to buy everyone you love this Stitch bouquet, because, you know, "nobody gets left behind."

4. Pizza Bouquet

Love and pizza are basically the same thing, and you can't eat roses ... so why not a bouquet made from pizza?

Villa Italian Kitchen fast food restaurant created this delicious bouquet that will surely capture the heart of the person that you love. Or at least, their stomach. And to add pizzazz to the pizza bouquet, you can also get a matching pizza boutonniere.

Image: @VillaItalianKitchen/Facebook

5. Comic Book Bouquet

Is your significant other a superhero in daily life? Then they deserve a Valentine's gift that's straight out of a comic book. Actually, make that literally a comic book as this comic book bouquet by Etsy seller glamMKE.

Sisters Mallory and Kellin McKenney hand crafted this comic book bouquet out of old and damaged comics from local comic book stores in Milwaukee.

Just be sure to tell your loved one that they're so valuable to you that you decided to upcycle a pristine copy of Action Comics #1 into paper flowers as you hand 'em this bouquet.

Image: glamMKE

6. Bread Bouquet

You don't have to spend a lot of dough this Valentine's Day: just get your loved ones a bread bouquet instead of spending like a thousand bucks for a dozen roses.

Baker Hannah P. of Blondie + Rye in Raleigh, North Carolina, created these awesome vegan-friendly bouquet featuring tons of veggies, herbs, and nuts in a bread wrap. Yumtastic!

7. Death Star Bouquet

Use the Force and tell your crush that your love is the greatest in all of the galaxy!

This papercraft Star Wars Death Star Love Explosion Bouquet features Han, Leia and Chewie zooming away in the Millennium Falcon out of an exploding Death Star. Hot on their heels are Darth Vader on his TIE Fighter.

Of course, when she says, " I love you" as you present this bouquet, the only correct answer would be, "I know."

Image: Lovepop

8. Donut Bouquet

Run - donut walk - to the nearest donut shop that offers a donut bouquet for Valentine's Day. Or you can just make your own like in this YouTube video clip above.

It'll surely sprinkle your loved ones with feelings of love, and perhaps a twinge of hunger (which will then be immediately remedied by eating the aforementioned donuts, so it's all good).

9. Beef Jerky Bouquet

Nothing says "love" to a manly man like meat, so this Valentine's Day, surprise the man in your life with a beef jerky bouquet - er, make that "broquet".

Created by carniflorist Andrew Summers of Say It With Beef, the beef jerky bouquet comes in various forms. You can get rose, daisy, and even calla lily-shaped flowers made entirely of meat.


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