7 Funny Valentine's Day Tees and Big & Tall T-Shirts

February 14 or Valentine's Day ❤️ is just around the corner - but did you know that much like the traditional festivities of twelve days of Christmas, there is Valentine week which starts on February 7 and culminates on the D-Day a week later.

Each of those 7 days of the Valentine week corresponds with a specific type of gift:

February 7th is rose day
February 8th is propose day
February 9th is chocolate day
February 10th is teddy bear day
February 11th is promise day
February 12th is hug day
February 13th is kiss day

And ... February 14 is Valentine's Day, of course. Most sources just leave the Valentine's Day gift option on the 14th open-ended, but you can kind of see a pattern. We'll leave that last gift to your imagination.

To those on a budget and are looking for a more practical gift, may we suggest that you forget the list above? Instead, give the gift of wearable love ... after all, flowers last a couple of days at most but these Funny Valentine's Day T-shirts can be worn all year long and their wearer reminded of your loving gift and great sense of humor. Remember the old English saying, "a maid that laughs is half taken."

From the NeatoShop: Valentine's Day T-Shirts | Valentine's Day Big & Tall

Inclusive Sizing, with Big and Tall T-shirts up to 10XL

Love comes in all sizes, so these Funny Valentine's Day T-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes: unisex and ladies slim fit (S to 2XL) as well as Big & Tall (3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL and 10XL).

Let's jump in and take a look at 7 of the funniest tees perfect for your loved one on Valentine:

Legends of the Skeleton King and Ragdoll Queen

"I could conquer the world with one hand, as long as you're holding the other," said Jack Skellington to his love interest Sally in Tim Burton's 1993 blockbuster movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

In Legend of the Skeleton King, indie artist mommagorilla features a smiling Jack Skellington with his dapper suit and bat bowtie inside a heart-shaped set of bones, with tombstones, Jack-o-lanterns and Zero the Ghost Dog.

In the matching Legend of the Ragdoll Queen, mommagorilla draws a demure Sally inside the similarly shaped heart-shaped set of bones, surrounded by flowers and butterflies.

The two T-shirts are perfect for a couple celebrating Valentine's Day, as the famous quote from the movie says eloquently, "For it is plain, as anyone can see. We're simply meant to be."

💀 Get them here: Legend of the Skeleton King and Legend of the Ragdoll Queen

Vampires Love You Forever

Nobody lives forever, so it's logical that nobody can love you forever. But vampires don't die, so technically, their love can be eternal.

In this cheeky funny artwork by AirborneArtist, a smiling vampire's mouth and teeth is shown dripping blood. The text "Give Blood! Remember, Only Vampires Can Love You Forever!" is front of a background of gravestones and bats.

🧛 Get it here: Vampires Love You Forever

The Force of Love

"Love is strong with this one!" says indie artist Evasinmas in this fun Baby Yoda design. Here, a laughing Grogu from the hit series The Mandalorian is shown in the center of a heart-shaped field of stars. He is surrounded by objects from the TV series, including a charm in the shape of a Mandalorian sigil, a frog, a bowl of soup, a silver ball from the Razor Crest spaceship, and the Frog-Lady's egg.

🐸 Get it here: The Force of Love

My Cat is My Valentine

Who needs romantic love when you have feline companionship? Forget fellow humans - all you need for Valentine's Day is a cat!

In this cute and purrfect design, indie artist S Cube Design draws a cute laughing yellow cat wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and jumping out of a teacup.

😻 Get it meow here: My Cat is My Valentine

I Love You and I Know

It's easy to fall in love with a roguishly handsome rebel!

When Princess Leia Organa first met the debonair smuggler Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope (originally released as Star Wars), she couldn't stand him but as the two worked together during the Galactic Civil War, she realized that she loved him as he was about to be frozen in Carbonite.

"I love you," professed Princess Leia to Han, who mischievously replied, "I know."

Later on, we learned that in the original script, Han (portrayed by Harrison Ford) was supposed to say, "Just remember that, 'cause I'll be back." But Ford thought that a lovey-dovey response from a rogue like Han wouldn't fit the character, so he came up with the "I know" reply instead.

In this matching set of designs, indie artist MarianoSan features Princess Leia and Han Solo making the "hand heart" shape with their fingers, in front of the background of a Death Star.

💑 Get them here: I Love You and I Know

Shark to My Tornado

In 2013, a made-for-television movie with a premise so ridiculous that it went viral (and spawned 5 sequels) was released. When asked about the film's plot, director Anthony Ferrante famously replied, "There's a flood. And a storm. Don't worry about it."

Sharknado, like the name suggested, was about a waterspout tornado that lifted sharks out of the ocean and dropped them on unsuspecting people in Los Angeles.

Here, in a nod to the idea that two unlikely people can be perfect for each other, indie artist JARHUMOR draws sharks swirling inside a tornado in front of a background of a red heart. The artwork says, "You are the shark to my tornado."

Now THAT is a funny T-shirt for Valentine's Day!

🦈 Get it here: Shark to My Tornado

I Long to be Yours

Confession time here, guys, I LOVE weirdly shaped wiener dogs like dachshund and Basset hounds (the are SO CUTE!), so I'm partial to this design by indie artist Canis Picta.

In this retro design, inspired by old timey Valentine's Day card, the artist draws a smiling dachshund sitting with a heart-shaped balloon that says "I long to be your Valentine" in front of a background of a red heart.

A punny joke with a cute dog image? Be still my beating heart!

🌭 Get it here: I Long to be Yours


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