How the Wedding Dress Story EndsYou thought you'd have to wait until Thanksgiving to hear the rest of the viral wedding dress story. It turns out that bridal shop owner Kasia waited quite some time to tell the story, so as not to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. The wedding was last Thanksgiving, and is all done with now. In part three, which had to be posted because everyone has been waiting for the rest of the story, Kasia tells how the bride wanted a different dress anyway, for a completely different reason.
You Won't Believe What Happened to the Wedding DressWhat's the worst thing that could happen to your wedding? Don't answer that, because I've read the stories, too. This story is probably not the very worst that could happen, but it's pretty mortifying. Kasia at Kasia's Bridal in Chicago got a frantic call about a wedding dress she'd sold quite some time ago. The call was from the groom. It took some cajoling, but she finally found out what the problem is.
A Touching Bridal SurpriseGet your hankies ready for this one! José Vitor Flach and Cíntia Bonfante Pereira got married the day before Brazil imposed pandemic restrictions in 2020. Cíntia is a speech therapist who works with children who have Down syndrome. Her new husband and bridal party arranged for her students to participate in the wedding ceremony as a surprise for the bride. She is moved to tears, a real problem when you've paid so much to have your makeup just right and the celebrations are just beginning. Notice how proud the groom is of the happiness he's conjured up by this gesture. The kids are adorable, especially the two in a car. They are trying to steer while an attendant with a remote control override keeps them on track. A good time was had by all. -via reddit​#bride #wedding #surprise #Downsyndrome
Couple Got Married on a Southwest Plane Midflight to Las VegasLove is literally in the air in this Southwest Airlines flight.As shared by the airlines' official Facebook account, Jeremy Salda and Pam Salda (nee Patterson) were on their way to get married in Las Vegas when their connecting flight - by Southwest's competitor, mind you - was canceled abruptly. Thankfully, a kind soul - who happened to be a minister - helped them get another flight with Southwest just less than an hour before it took off.On the air, the couple suddenly got a crazy idea to just officiate the wedding then and there. After all, the bride and groom were already in their wedding attire. Everyone aboard was immediately onboard : they dressed the minister who helped them get a flight for the occasion, a professional photographer took the wedding pictures, and one of the flight attendants acted as the maid of honor. With preparations in place, Pam walked down the plane’s aisle with the passengers as their witnesses.In a statement to NBC News, the airline company had this to say : "Southwest has been the love airline for nearly 51 years, and we always enjoy an opportunity to celebrate our customers in special ways.”Images: Kaitlyn Manzer#wedding #airplane #airlines #SouthwestAirlines #LasVegas
Couple Spends Only $500 on Their Wedding (and Only $47 on a Wedding Dress)Weddings are often associated with being unnecessarily costly. Newlyweds Kiara and Joel prove that it doesn’t have to be that way. Through a series of creative cost cutting measures, the couple ended up spending only $500 for their wedding. Kiara told Good Morning America that being as minimalistic as possible had been their goal from the start. The couple were married off the Angeles Crest Highway with Southern California's San Gabriel and Sierra Pelona Mountains as a beautiful backdrop. Because they had no permit, they only invited 40 relatives and close friends. The couple only paid for the seats and arches. Kiara's godmother gifted the couple flowers, and her Godsister and aunt chipped in with a cake. For her wedding gown, Kiara wore a $47 dress she got from Shein. The big day continued with a reception at Misty’s Lounge, where guests paid for their own food and drinks. “They understood the things that we were trying to do, and they really supported us," Kiara said.#wedding #weddingdress
Woman had Wedding and Heart Transplant Surgery on the Same DayIn a single day, 21-year-old Kimberly Woods went through all kinds of matters of the heart.Kimberly was born with a heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, an ailment which causes the heart muscle to thicken. This not only affected her daily life - she’d had to avoid strenuous sports, for example. At 20, she discovered she lived with the possibilities of both a sudden cardiac death from arrhythmia and dying from cardiomyopathy. She needed a defibrillator and a heart transplant as soon as possible. Understanding how arduous it was going to be, she tried to give her boyfriend Anthony an out. He proposed instead.In the thick of preparing the wedding, an unexpected news arrived: there was a perfect heart available for her. Unwilling to waste any time, on September 28, 2021 they got married in an intimate wedding ceremony and then drove four hours to Cleveland to undergo the surgery.  That day, Kimberly emerged out of the OR with a new healthy heart and a married life to start.Image: Rachelle Hartman/Cleveland Clinic/Lael Nafziger Photography#heart #wedding #heartsurgery #HypertrophicCardiomyopathy
Indonesian Man Almost Married the Wrong Woman After Google Map Sent Him to the Wrong AddressUnintentionally entering the wrong address on Google Maps and then arriving at the said address is a disappointing and frustrating moment that could happen to anyone. But for this groom in Indonesia, it was not a frustrating moment but rather an embarrassing one. The groom and his family did not just arrive at the wrong place; they arrived at another couple's wedding (Burhan Sidqi and Maria Ulfa's)! The other groom, Burhan Sidqi, did not reach their venue on time as he and his family had to search for a toilet, and during that time, the unnamed groom arrived on the scene. Fortunately, the misunderstanding was resolved by Ulfa's group, and they helped the lost groom go to his actual wedding venue.Sidqi and Ulfa's wedding happened at the Jengkol Hamlet. The lost groom's venue, on the other hand, was at a nearby place called Losari Hamlet.(Image Credit: Swarajyamag)#EpicFail #Wedding #Marriage #GoogleMaps #Awkward