The Hallmark Halloween RomanceThe Hallmark channel has carved a niche for themselves by producing tons of Christmas romances every year... and they've inspired other production companies to do the same. We groan under the weight of cozy, romantic tales of wholesome love found just in time for Christmas. But why should we limit those romances to Christmas? Those same plots can be recycled for other holidays, like Halloween! Kim and Penn Holderness (previously at Laughosaurus) imagine how a Hallmark Halloween romance would go, as Candy Corn meets Gray Vestone for a Halloween romance. Her trouble with object permanence provides a gentle point of conflict that is resolved just in time for Halloween! #Hallmarkchannel #Hallmarkromance #TheHoldernessFamily #Halloween
Generation X is Starting to Show Its AgeThe internet is full of the supposed battle between Baby Boomers, who are retiring, and Millennials, who are starting to enter middle age. Both get blamed for everything by someone somewhere, because there are so many of them they can influence our culture at large. Gen Z is the latest cohort to capture our attention. But what about Generation X? There were plenty of folks born between 1965 and 1980 that have escaped internet excoriation because there aren't quite as many of them, and besides, they built internet culture. Gen Xers have been pretty cool about avoiding attention when it comes to being a scapegoat for societal woes, but meanwhile everyone has forgotten they existed. As they approach their 50s and 60s, they are suddenly confronted with the realities of age. Kim and Penn, also known as The Holderness Family (previously at Laughosaurus) are proud members of Generation X. They even made a song about it last year.
We Don't Talk About COVID, No No No: Encanto's "We Don't Talk About Bruno" Parody Song by The Holderness FamilyKim and Penn Holderness of The Holderness Family parodied Disney's Encanto animation film's catchy "We Don't Talk About Bruno" tune into a song about COVID-19.In the parody song, titled "We Don't Talk About COVID," the Holderness couple put into words all the weirdness about the current Covid situation that we're all thinking about, but ... well, don't talk about. It's the white elephant in the room.If you're a parent of school age children, this part of the lyrics probably hit the nail on the head:If ya not super sick or you been on a shipAfter 5 days I guess you are fineThen our kids went to schoolAnd I guess that it's all coolHalf their friends are out sickBut they don't close the schoolLike they used to doThey just kind of don't talk about it ...#covid #school #TheHoldernessFamily #parody #Encanto