Canada Finally Outlawed Space MurderSpace travel just got a little safer today! Canada has finally extended their criminal jurisdiction to space.“A Canadian crew member who, during a space flight, commits an act or omission outside Canada that if committed in Canada would constitute an indictable offense is deemed to have committed that act or omission in Canada,” reads the measure included in Bill C-19, the 443-page document implementing the provisions of the 2022 federal budget.That means, every Canadian who commits a criminal act during their time in space will be apprehended upon returning to Earth, as reported by Calgary Herald.The news begs the question though: were Canadians, or space travelers of other nationalities, free to commit crime prior to this ruling?Image: Marcus Urbenz/Unsplash#crime #murder #space #Canada
80-Year-Old Man Walked Through a Blizzard to Save 7 Strangers Stranded in a SnowstormNot all heroes wear capes, some wear parkas.When Shannon St. Onge sent a distress call online after getting lost in a  Saskatchewan highway during a whiteout blizzard, a stranger who happened to be in the area came to the rescue. Along the way, he even discovered six others who were in the same predicament and was able to direct them all to safety.The man is Andre Bouvier, Sr, an 80-year-old retiree. He got the plea for help that Shannon posted on the community Facebook page and immediately went into action despite his wife’s concern. Bouvier identified her location (she’d pinned her location on Google Maps), bundled up and walked half a kilometer (about a third of a mile) in the storm when his tractor wouldn’t start. Once he was able to save the seven stranded motorists, he even took them to his house to rest for the night.Image: Shannon St. Onge#snowstorm #blizzard #rescue #Canada #Saskatchewan