Wales Now Sends Some Paramedics on Bicycle instead of AmbulanceAs the world slowly returns to normalcy and people start going out again, alcohol-related incidents are also seeing a resurgence. To cope with the rising emergency calls, Welsh Ambulance Service has begun deploying paramedics on bicycles.The Cycling Response Unit (CRU) was founded to answer the calls at times when large happenings such as concerts or big holidays occur. Those are the times when more accidents are prone to happen, overwhelming the response team. Bikes are quick, nimble, yet able to carry the same equipment as rapid response vehicles, an ideal supporting plan when there are so many critical injuries at the same time.Image: BBC#paramedic #Wales #bicycle #ambulance
Ambulance Forgot to Close Its Back DoorA few days from now marks the second anniversary of a Polish dashcam video that went viral.On February 21st, 2020 at approximately half past five in the evening, a Polish resident in Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie had been driving when they heard an ambulance approaching from behind. Naturally, the driver pulled to the left to give way to the ambulance. What greeted the driver a few seconds later was unexpected—one of the back doors of the ambulance had swung open, and out came the bed.The bed landed on a train track. As the dashcam driver turned left to resume their journey, the video showed the ambulance stopping and its driver stepping out to amend the unfortunate situation.Check out the dashcam clip below.