Your Order Will Arrive in 19 Minutes

Meal delivery is a miracle. Redditor Kaceyrae8 ordered food from Chuy's to be delivered by Door Dash in Florida. The app comes with a location tracker so that you can see how close your food is to arriving, in addition to the message that the estimated time of arrival is 19 minutes. Check out the map:

Yeah, that's going to take more than 19 minutes, and more than a delivery truck. While you may laugh, there's a completely logical explanation. The delivery truck is geolocated on Null Island. It's not even an island, it's just the spot where the prime meridian crosses the equator, so its longitude and latitude are "0,0." When geolocation software doesn't work perfectly, a location will often default to Null Island. At least it gives us a laugh every now and then!

#doordash #glitch #geolocation #NullIsland

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