You Can't Park on a Double Yellow Line

If only all traffic cops were this congenial and entertaining!

Rarely would any officer of the law explain your offense in such detail. The tune that is now stuck in your head was first introduced in a scene in the 2011 movie Anuvahood. Sorry about the earworm. You might recognize the parking warden. He has more than one job.

The comments at reddit were no help in finding out who the actor or the comedy troupe is, rather what I got was a long discussion on how extra sauce should be served. Oh yeah, and many, many people who are upset and disappointed that these are comedy routines and not real life interactions. I did find the TikTok videos, which are from two different accounts that both appear to be originals. However, despite many requests, neither identify the actor, which is a shame, because he's really good at what he does. -via reddit 

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