Woman Fights DMV to Keep "FART" License Plate

Karly Sindy paid extra to use the word FART on her license plate. Then, the North Carolina DMV sent her a notice on accounts of complaints they’d received from other motorists regarding her plate. The DMV wanted her to explain the importance of the word in order to allow her to keep it.

So, Sindy and her friends put their heads together. They decided to tell the DMV that it was an acronym for their (completely made up) group: Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails. Though it started as faux, the group went on to have regular meetings (attended by no less than 15 people!), a mailing list, a website, and merchandise.

Sindy is currently still awaiting DMV’s final decision about keeping FART. Nonetheless, her story has attracted attention, she was even invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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