Weatherman Called His Kids During Weather Report to Warn Them About a Tornado

This weatherman went from live mode to dad mode in a sec after he realized his home was in the path of a tornado. 

It was another day for Doug Kamerer, NBC Washington’s weatherman. He was on air reporting the day’s weather when a tornado warning was raised. Once he realized that the tornado was likely to affect his home, he immediately got on his phone to warn his kids at home. As soon as he hung up, he then explained to the audience what every parent must have understood all too well: kids nowadays don’t watch TV, therefore they would not have heard about the tornado warning. Kamerer made them take shelter in the basements. 

Luckily, the warning was rescinded some time later, danger averted. Still, his papa bear mode drew the support of many, who called his action ‘heartening’.

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