Visions of Beauty from the 2023 World Beard and Moustache Championships

Every year, the most well-unshaved men and women from around the world gather for the Honest Amish National Beard & Moustache Championships. This is the Olympics for the best facial hair athletes in the world who vie for the gold medal in specialized events for which they have trained all of their lives.

Here, for example, is Gary Faulkner, who rightfully secured the top position in the freestyle category.

These competitions aren't just about wild and outrageously big beards. Precise and careful work is necessary, such as that which Patrick Langley did to build the ultimate Fu Manchu moustache.

Like a priceless work of art, such as a Salvador Dali painting, a Dali moustache must be treasured and nurtured. This sacred duty Nathan Wilson successfully completed.

You can see more amazing works of facial hair among the competitors at the championships' website or Instagram.

-via My Modern Metā€‹

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