TikTok News Anchor Challenge: In Your Best "News Anchor" Voice, Describe Mundane Things You Do Around the House

In mid-January, TV news host and comedian Tabitha Lipkin issued a News Anchor Challenge on TikTok: 

"In your very best 'News Anchor' voice, I would love to hear you narrate yourself doing something super mundane around the house."

Lipkin then proceeded to report on loading dirty dishes into her dishwasher, noting that if her viewers wanted to find out if the dishes got cleaned, they'd have to "stick with us until after the break, we'll be right back."


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Kayla Marie Sullivan accepted the News Anchor Challenge and took it to the next level!

In this viral TikTok clip, Sullivan reported an incident involving her two-year-old toddler and a temper tantrum at a local Olive Garden.  The clip was viewed over 32 million times in just a few weeks.

The viral video prompted a follow up sit-down exclusive interview with the  alleged "Olive Garden two-year-old terrorist." 

Here's Sullivan reporting on the difference between a Toddler Tornado Warning and a Toddler Tornado Watch. 

And lastly, Sullivan's News Anchor Challenge reporting on the inequity of alone time in the bathroom for women with small children. LOL!

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