This Thrift Store Offers A Big Discount If Customers Guess Their Password Correctly

To increase customers, stores have their own way of inviting them in. For thrift stores, low prices are enough. Some, however, take it to the next level. Take this thrift shop in the Philippines, for example. While it boasts low prices, where people can purchase for as low as 100 pesos (approximately $1.82) per piece, this store has a unique gimmick. 

Store owners posted a sign in front of their store that earned the interest of both customers and Internet users. The sign, written in a mix of English and Tagalog, says: “now at 165 pesos, follow and recite [the] perfect password [to get it for] 65 pesos [only].” While looking for a password seems camp and fun, it’s the password itself that set us off into a laughing fit. Twitter user louie (@luluweh_) shared the password, and we found out that it was long. 

The user also shared that buyers need to recite the password, which translates to “those who are full of pride have theirs taken down, those who are humble are provided with a lot of blessings. This is why you should be humble and thankful every day.” You need to recite that perfectly, in public, too! Hilarious, we tell you!

Image credit: @luluweh_/Twitter

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