The World's Greatest Drug Store Ad

A small town pharmacy in Corydon, Indiana, served its community for decades, with three generations of pharmacists and business owners from the same family. The drug store already had a reputation that went beyond Corydon, and even sold souvenirs, but became a global meme 13 years ago when Rhett and Link heard about the shop and produced a jingle and a television ad for them. Historic Vids brought the ad to Twitter last week and it went viral all over again, with 17 million views!

The pharmacy started out in 1952 as William H. Butt Drugs. Williams' son changed the name to Butt Rexall Drugs. Third generation owner Katie Butt Beckort simplified it to Butt Drugs when she took over. Leaning into the name proved to be a great business move. Rhett and Link explain how they discovered Butt Drugs.

The ironic part is that the beloved Butt Drugs closed its doors just a couple of months ago, after 71 years of doing business in downtown Corydon. 

Now all the pharmacies in Corydon are chain stores. But we will always remember Butt Drugs. -via Everlasting Blort ā€‹

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