The Wizard and the Unfillable Hole

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a story from Nathan W. Pyle. Click to the right to advance the pages, and if you'd like it read to you, turn the sound on. This story is told in rhythmic rhyming poetry like a children's book. It's the magical tale of a town that faced an unfillable sinkhole in the roadway, and the wizard that saved the day.

"I'm from the grassland of Ickown
In the village we call Traff"
They nodded. (They'd not heard of it)
And let out a nervous laugh.

This is an example of a shaggy dog story, in which the narrator takes you on a trip around the world to deliver a punchline pun that will make you groan. Such stories never go out of style because you'll remember them for a ridiculous number of years. See more of Nathan Pyle's imagination leaps at Instagram.

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