The Family That Cosplays Together Stays Together

How do you make cosplay so entertaining that people stop and stare whenever you show up? Their jaws drop, and then they laugh and want their picture taken with you? It's as simple as having a buddy as a prop. Jason Smith and his family Caroline, Lachlan, and Claudia, together known as Sumisu Cosplay, let creativity be their guide. The funniest cosplays are the ones where Jason plays the prop for his son Lachlan, the star of the show. Here they recreate the most iconic scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark at MCM Comic Con, as Indiana Jones outruns a giant boulder.

Dad is the boulder! He says he tried to make it as light as possible, but it wasn't. They transported it in pieces, and assembled it when they arrived at the con. There is a harness inside, so the weight of the boulder is on his shoulders. It's an over-the-shoulder boulder holder!

The family also cosplayed the movie UP! with Lachlan as Russell, Mom as Carl, and little sister Claudia as Doug. Who was Dad? He's the snipe named Kevin!

That Kevin costume was such a project that they reused it for a Jurassic Park mashup.

When you go all out for costumes this way, you can run into problems, like fitting into an elevator.


Do you think Sully will fit?! Mike and Sully foambuilds built from scratch by us! This is the first Mike we built, we actually rebuilt him and made improvements but this is the first version, incredibly our little Boo was already in the lift, Mike however did not fit! #monstersinc #pixar #disney #pixarcosplay #disneypixar #monstersinccosplay #fatherandson #foryou #fyp #cosplay #cosplayers #cosplayfamily #fatherandson #familycosplay #foambuild #jamespsullivan #mikewazowski Can you tell that we love @Pixar !

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What's next for the family? They've just completed their costumes for Avatar: The Last Airbender. It all looks like so much fun! See more of Sumisu Cosplay at TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. -via Boing Boing 

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