The Difference Between Indoor Cats and Outdoor Cats

The domestic cats we have today are descended from the world's most successful predators that roamed the hills, the savannas, and the jungles of Africa. They were not domesticated by humans, but rather, it was the cats themselves who decided to put up with us because we kept stores of food that attracted rodents. And they weren't above accepting gifts of food from us. Thousands of years later, they live among humans everywhere. Some are strays or feral cats with large territories, while others enjoy a pampered life inside apartments or houses, as Sarah Andersen illustrates.

What's really crazy is that both cats seem perfectly happy. In between these two extremes are my cats, who go in and out, many times a day. Even more often, they just want me to open the door so they can see what the weather is like, despite the fact that we checked five minutes ago. This comic is the latest from Sarah Andersen at Sarah's Scribbles. 

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