The Cactus Choir

You know those sound-activated toys that record you and play the sound back? A guy who goes by Tone Trumpet got one shaped like potted cactus. Then he played his trumpet for it, and he was hooked. Get ready to giggle.

So he went out and bought a whole bunch of the cactuses and made a choir! He also bought himself a cactus costume so they could be a complete band. He named the choir members Chaz, Chad, Cornelius, Chloe, Cindy, Christine, and Caroline.

Another great thing about this choir is that once one of them lags a little or repeats, they will start interacting with each other, and the music just goes on and on! Since then, Tone Trumpet has added clothing to the cactuses, and invited hamsters to the choir!

The Cactus Choir is now seeking a deal to become a children's book. You can follow them at TikTok or at Instagram. -via Bits and Pieces 

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