The Art of Ventriloquism Involves a Steep Learning Curve

So, you've decided to take up a new skill. You read everything you can about it, and maybe watch some video tutorials. Then it's just a matter of practice, feedback, and more practice, right? If you can stick with it, you'll eventually master whatever it is you are trying to learn.

Actor and magician Joe Brogie decided to add ventriloquism to his repertoire, which can come in handy when you have an act like his. He might have even bought a book. Brogie chronicled the process of learning to throw his voice convincingly on TikTok, week by week. You can see him starting to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Make sure the sound is on. 

Yikes. You didn't know this training sequence was going to morph into an episode of The Twilight Zone, did you? Maybe this is why ventriloquist acts aren't nearly as popular today as they were in the days of Edgar Bergen and Sheri Lewis. Unless you count horror films, where you see this kind of thing more often than you'd like. Those puppets don't like being called dummies.

See more of Brogie's magic and comedy at TikTok.  -via reddit 

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