Someone has Been Parking a Luxury Vehicle Covered in the Words "Take 'n' Bake Pizza Sucks" in Front of American Pizza Manufacturing in California

The owner of the La Jolla take-and-bake pizzeria, Andrew Melone, believed he was being harassed through the presence of a Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 luxury SUV parked just outside of the store. A plane was also seen flying over the store pulling a banner as well. Both incidents contain derogatory messages against the pizzeria. 

The SUV is covered with the phrases, “Take ‘n’ bake pizza sucks.” While the plane’s banner reads, “Just say no to take ‘n’ bake pizza.”

Melone said that he had been receiving negative messages about his business since October 2020. He said that “It started passively in the beginning,”  with negative posts on social media.

“It took us a few weeks to get those down,” Melone said. “These were all personal about me and things that aren’t true about our business model. This is being done with impunity because nothing has been done.”

​Image Credit: (Courtesy photo)

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