Sisters Create Birthday Crowns For Their Dad for 50 Years

Kim and Gina Carey kick-started a cute and touching tradition for their father’s birthday. It started when their father was celebrating his 32nd birthday. 

The sisters at that time decided to make a special crown for their dad. They repeated it the next year, and now have made him a birthday crown every year for 50 years. In fact, the tradition still goes on today! 

The sisters create a different crown every year with a certain theme. Concepts have included Packers Super Bowl and an Olympic-themed headpiece. 

The sisters still meet to create the crown every year even though they have their own families. "We know it's silly, but our father and our grown children — who have never seen 'Pappy' eat his birthday dinner without a crown — would be disappointed if we stopped," shared Carey.

Image credit: Ray Ronchetti 

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