Playing With Your Food: Hot Dog Foosball

This game is really clever, and you can almost see in your mind's eye how it happened. You have a grill with rotating skewers, made for things like shish kebab. But one day all you have is hot dogs, and cooking them on the grill is a great way to make them special. Once you have the dogs skewered and give them one turn, you are reminded of a foosball table. Sure, this will work! All you need is a ball that won't burn.

Yeah, the most efficient way to cook hot dogs on a rotating spit is to run the skewer down the length of the dogs, but that's more trouble, and most likely occurred to them after they had their fun.

Of course, all this might have happened in someone's imagination. Pablo Rochat has that kind of creative mind, and made Hot Dog Foosball a reality. It doesn't matter who wins, because they all got to enjoy hot dogs from the outdoor grill when the game was wrapped up. -via Laughing Squid ā€‹

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