Pictograms Gone Wild

Redditor Miss-Fierce posted this sign at reddit. Can you figure out what it's supposed to mean?

Thanks to a group collaboration, we figure that this means the beach ahead is okay for nudists and non-nudists alike. No photography, no binoculars, and no littering. The bottom half is a little more confusing. No dogs allowed! But then there are pictograms showing how you should pick up poop and dispose of it. Do they mean the dogs that aren't allowed, or some other poop, like your own? Maybe it means no dogs, but if you bring one anyway, pick up after it? Also notice the trash cans are hidden behind flowers. The two words in the middle translate to "dredging experience" from Luxembourgish, which is not helpful.

However, the real reason you can't figure out the sign is because of the surprising human figure on the left. Sure, we can understand why they wouldn't want to depict full frontal nudity on a sign. However, the smiley face on top makes it look like a person with very saggy breasts, or a FUPA, or else it's a butt and they've just twisted themselves into a pretzel. Figures with no heads would leave some people unable to figure out what the picture is, but simple circles for heads would have been better. Maybe they wanted smiles to soften the message of the prohibitions on the sign. Still, this comes across as a sign that was designed by a committee. A committee in which everyone hated each other. Read more speculation at the reddit thread

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