Parody of Tradwives Baking Cereal from Scratch TikToks

Nara Smith, a professional model and mother, became internet famous in February for her TikTok videos of herself making organic dishes from scratch at the request of her toddlers. For those of us with experience being stay-at-home parents or married to them, they're absurdly impractical projects due to the staggering expense in time and money necessary to complete.


I'm happy to report that the house is up and running all thanks to my organic potato battery 🥔✨ #homemaker #homemaking #sahm #potatobattery #science #ditl

♬ original sound - Alexia

Comedian Alexia Delarosa makes parodies of this online content genre showing extraordinarily perfect creations while remaining perfectly dressed and coiffed. In the above video, Delarosa makes electricity from scratch using garden-grown potatoes. It's a perfect parody that nails the body language, tone, and editing particularities of the genre.

In all seriousness, Delarosa has serious DIY skills, as well-demonstrated in the video in which she makes paper from scratch. I don't know how she milks her chicken, though.

-via Jess

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