Oregonians in Japan and Japanese in Oregon will be able to get a Drivers License

Well, this is a bit convenient– if you’re living in Oregon anyway. 

Japan and Oregon signed an agreement that helps their residents obtain a driver’s license in their respective areas. Called a reciprocity agreement, the pact aims to allow current holders of licenses in Oregon to have similar privileges in Japan without taking any test. 

Japanese tourists can also get a license in Oregon, following the agreement. The said pact was signed by Consul General Masaki Shiga and Oregon DMV Administrator Amy Joyce.

Drivers will still need to fulfill requirements and submit paperwork, as well as pay the needed fees. The agreement only waives the tests of skill for a license. 

Oregon is not the first state to sign a reciprocity accord with Japan. Other places such as Washington also have the same agreement with the Asian country. “This agreement is a symbol of the strong business, education and tourism relationships between Japan and the state of Oregon,” said DMV Administrator Amy Joyce

Image via FOX 12

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