New York Man Arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer After He Pulled Over a Van Full of Cops

This guy probably rolled a 4 or lower on their deception check or something. A New York man got arrested after it was discovered that he was pretending to be a police officer. As to how he got caught, well, Valiery Portlock managed to pull over a van full of cops. 

The 25-year-old was reported to have sounded an airhorn in Hicksville, Long Island, as he pulled over a van full of detectives from the Nassau County Police Department's electronics squad. News 12 Long Island reported that as the detectives identified themselves, and Portlock realized that he got himself into trouble, he tried to flee the scene. He was caught at the Long Island Expressway, where he was stopped by the highway patrol. This guy chose the wrong van to pull over! 

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