Name That Tune with Mandy Patinkin

When you've seen a lot of movies and heard a lot of theme songs over the years, you get to the point where a tune is infinitely familiar, but you get bumfuzzled in exactly where to place it. Mandy Patinkin and his wife Kathryn Grody are quizzed by their son on some movie and TV themes while eating dinner. Look how excited he is when he gets one right!

Or relatively right, since the movie is actually Raiders of the Lost Ark. You gotta love a little family slice of life video. But what really got me was all the comments at TikTok and reddit. So many folks there thought this was wholesome and funny, but then they said things like:

Your dad looks like Gideon from Criminal Minds.

Wait, is that Inigo Montoya?

That's the guy who played Saul on Homeland!

Seriously, he looks exactly like Mandy Patinkin.

I never realized he was on Criminal Minds!

Mandy Patinkin? Such a wholesome guy! Geez this man is his doppelgänger!

Oh yeah, this is the real thing, and he played all the above roles. Mandy Patinkin's TikTok account is run by his son, and it's got many glorious gems like this one. -via reddit

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