Make Your Holiday Weird with Thanksgiving: The Movie

What if everything we were taught about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving feast was wrong? The real story involves a time machine, robots, and dinosaurs. The Pilgrims, played by various action figures, wanted to travel to the furthest reaches of the known earth to get rid of their "infernal machine" once and for all. That backfires on them when they suddenly need it to get back to their own time period! As you can imagine, this plot could get very involved. Lucky for us, this is not just a trailer made as an art piece. The full-length film is available, too!

Thanksgiving: The Movie was created by Keith Anthony-Brown and Jim Milton for the 2014 Lucasfilm Backyard Filmmaking Contest. Redditor jbleland posted this and explained: 

This isn't mine, but was made by my cousin. It's based on a Thanksgiving board game we made up, which itself is based on a Thanksgiving song we wrote. We're a weird family.

That's the kind of family I'd like to feast with!

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