Jonathan Bynoe's Recording Sessions

Comedian Jonathan Bynoe recreates various recording sessions for songs you know and love. He plays all the parts. For every sketch, there's a joke in there, sometimes a pretty subtle one, but even if there wasn't, you'd enjoy the interactions and the groove. I must admit I have the same reaction every time I hear Bill Withers sing "Lovely Day." This compilation was edited before his biggest sketches went viral. His impression of James Brown got eight million views on TikTok and six million on YouTube.

As one commenter said, James Brown took ten words and made 25 albums. But Bynoe's biggest hit so far is a recreation of a tragic story that he manages to elevate by its very bizarreness.

You'll see plenty more of these at YouTube and TikTok. There's more than just recording sessions; he has plenty of "slice of life" sketches you'll like, too. -via reddit ā€‹

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