If Toddlers Were Lawyers

Many families have that one child who will argue about anything, well past the point of losing, just to keep an arguments going. We often joke that this is the one who will grow up to be a lawyer. But there's more to practicing law than argument. There is also the questioning.

Just asking questions! This technique is even more effective in part two.

Toddlerhood is a phase of the human growth cycle in which children know how to talk, but they know little else about the world. They want to learn it all, but even more, they want their parents to talk to them. They know that the word "why" will prompt an explanation of some sort, even if they don't understand it. While a parent can change the subject, and often do that out of sheer frustration, a defendant on trial doesn't have that luxury. Both of these comics are from The Jenkins.  -via Geeks Are Sexy 

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