If Cats Were Fashionistas

Cats each have their own personality, but there are some similarities that become stereotypes among the various breeeds and even among colors. A cat has its own fur coat, which suits them just fine in the real world, but if they had the ability to express their personalities in dress, they would be more fashionable than you or I could ever hope to be. These cats model the looks you wish your cat had. Except for the sphinx cat. He's liable to concoct a technically chilling death for you.

If you were to ask me, and believe me, no one has, I would say that the very best use for artificial intelligence image generation is for totally nonsensical ideas that would be hard to create in real life, and not so funny in animation. Anyone who's ever tried to dress a cat in a three-piece suit will tell you it's nigh impossible, and dangerous besides. In animation, it's pretty standard. But these look plausibly like real cats.

The Maitrix brings us an ongoing series of fashion videos featuring cats and their sartorial aspirations. Too bad they don't have tailors. The soothing voice of (not) Sir David Attenborough is the cherry on top. If you like these, they also have a series of what dogs would wear

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