Driver Executes a Skillful U-Turn on a Narrow Road next to a Cliff Edge

It's a rocky hill on one side of the narrow road and a steep drop off on the other, but that didn't deter this driver from executing the world's tightest U-turn ever!

The video clip was taken somewhere in rural China, presumably in Guizhou  province, near Liupanshui city, as that's the license plate prefix of the car. 

Perhaps the car didn't have a reverse gear, because it seemed infinitely easier just to back up a bit to go back, but then again, the clip wouldn't have gone viral otherwise.

Watch as this daredevil of a driver show the perfect combination of skills and nerves by executing the perfect 80-point turn.

The narrow U-turn trick shown from the opposite angle, where it's apparent that the drop-off isn't that of a high cliff. Still, a slight miscalculation would have absolutely wreck the car and harm, or even potentially kill, the driver.

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