Did This TV Weatherman Fart on Air?

When a weatherman is heard passing a bit of gas while on air, of course the natural course of action is the internet frenzy that follows.

The video in question was posted by one Jordan Doenges who identified the man in that WDRB weather program as “Jude”. Immediately after the video went up, it set off a torrent of amusing comments and memes. You’d be surprised how many weather-related quips one could generate.

“Alternate headline: "Weatherman can't control wind"” tweeted one user. Said another, “I think it was a warm front moving in from the South.”

However, the wind suddenly took an about turn when it turned out our weatherman was apparently misidentified. The man named Jude did exist, but he wasn’t the guy in the clip. Jude Redfield is in fact another weatherman at WDRB Morning Meteorologist. His colleague, Marc Weinberg, has the honor of being the true star of the accidental viral moment.

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