Dad is a Major Player of Make-Believe

Austin Perry loves his four-year-old daughter Brielle. She gives him an excuse to play like a four-year-old! Perry goes much harder than he needs to, bringing homemade entertainment to the family and everyone else.

Quite a few people confirmed that Sonic plays 50 cents more per hour if you can roller skate, which is why so many workers lie about being able to roller skate. Did anyone notice that Brielle ordered tater tots, and got onion rings and fries? Methinks this drive-in doesn't have all the food on the menu in stock. Believe it or not, there are outtakes.

Perry is an expert at make-believe in all kinds of everyday scenarios, like going to the grocery store, a medical exam, or dining out

You can see more at Austin's wife Hannah Howard's TikTok. She's the camera operator for all this nonsense. -via Bits and Pieces 

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