Crime Victim Takes Matters into his Own Hands and Locates Stolen Vehicle

When someone stole this man’s car, he decided to take the matters into his own hands. A man from Volusia County, Florida was able to find his car two days after it was taken away from him. 

Larry Burgess was shopping when he left his car keys on the customer service counter, where someone took the opportunity to walk away with them. According to the police, the cameras of the store were able to capture footage of the culprit driving off in Burgess’ car, which was a black Hyundai Genesis. 

The owner reported the incident to the Holly Hill Police Department, which then sent officers to investigate and trace the whereabouts of the car. While they were doing that, Burgess wanted to take the matter into his own hands. 

According to him, he didn’t want to sit around and do nothing while the investigation was taking place. “Police are busy. They have a lot of things to do besides look for a stolen car. I get that. So I just wanted to help them out and help myself out,” he explained. 

Burgess drove around the area for a total of two days, until he was able to spot his Hyundai. He looked over at a thrift store and noticed that his car was parked outside. It may seem just a big stroke of luck, or as he puts it, “striking gold.” 

While it’s great that the man got his car back, police officials stated that they would have liked it if Burgess let them recover the car on their own. This is because there’s a chance that criminals can retaliate and put victims in danger.

Image credit: WKMG

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