Codie Didn't Get the Hint

Liz Short had something to tell her husband, Codie. She devised a simple but funny way to hint at what was coming. She put a bun in the oven. Yes, this is a pregnancy reveal. But then it took a left turn when Liz had to run out on an errand, and while she was away, Codie turned the oven on. When she returned, he was just plain puzzled. Even when Liz tried to lead him step-by-step to the real issue.

We can surmise from his reaction that the burnt roll was quickly forgotten, but his confusion leading up to it was so cute that the video went viral, and was picked up by the AirForceTimes. It's funny because he's so clueless, and heartwarming because he ends up so happy, but it's also a reminder that young people often don't know all the cultural references the rest of us have known most of our lives. 

When the video went viral, Liz posted some more information about their family.

We wish Codie and Liz and the girls all the best with their new home and new offspring. -via Fark

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