Cheerleader Rescues a Stuck Basketball

How do you get a stuck basketball off the backboard when you can't reach it with a mop? With a cheerleader, of course!

That's what happened during a basketball game between the Indiana Hoosiers and Saint Mary's Gaels. The basketball got stuck between the backboard and the shot clock, and no one could dislodge it. Players tried to poke it using a handle of a mop but not even the tallest player could reach it.

So, time to call in the big guns: Indiana University cheerleaders.

Cheerleader Nathan Paris casually lifted Cassidy Cerny to retrieve the ball and they saved the day while the crowd cheered loudly. "What a shining moment," the announcer excitedly said.

Paris and Cerny later gave an interview to Fox59 News about their performance and unexpected viral hit:

“I’m not gonna lie. As soon as it went up I was joking in my mind like, ‘Oh we should put a stunt up and we’ll just get it down right there.’ Obviously, you never think it would come to that,” Paris said. “They have other things. Once I saw the chair didn’t work, and the wiping, the stick didn’t work, then I was like ‘This might actually end up being a real thing.'”

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