Boss Builds Tiny Homes For Employees Instead Of Offices

Now, this is amazing! In the big sea of billionaires and bosses that care less about the state of their workers - those who are responsible for raking in the big bucks they happily spend - one decided to invest and take care of his employees. 

TikTok user Kylie (@itskylie94) posted a series of videos that made a lot of working people want to apply to work for her company. The reason? Well her workspace is a tiny home, not a boring and soulless cubicle! 

Her boss decided to build a series of these tiny homes to make workers who are coming back to the office feel more fun and comfortable.

These tiny homes were also built to give everyone their own space so they can get stuff done. According to Kylie, she works in a property management company. 

Somehow, the decision to build tiny homes in the office now makes sense. The interior now has a neighborhood and community feel due to the addition of the houses. 

Image screenshot via itskylie94/Tiktok


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